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" can email me...if you want to, that is..."Hey guys! Wanna get in contact with us, but like Hinata from “Naruto”, you’re too shy to leave a comment on one of our posts? Awwww, bless your heart…don’t just stand there poking your index fingers together! You can contact us in a multitude of ways!




E-Mail or
Twitter @CajunSamurai101 (Tweets that end with “-CS” are from Cajun Samurai and tweets that end in “-OA” are from Otaku Andrain)
Facebook & Google+ TheCajunSamurai – Yep, we got a Google+ Page! Don’t look for too much at the moment as I only just established it, but I’ll play around with it this weekend! Still deciding whether or not we need a Facebook page…stay tuned!
YouTube TheCajunSamurai (The home of our new “Feel So Moon Award of Awesomeness” and The Cajun Samurai Radio Network!)


Too much for you? Well, you can always just fill out the below form and either myself or Otaku Andrain will get back with you ASAP!


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