Everything Wrong with Sakura-Con 2009 Commerical in 2000 Words or Less (Spoilers…Duh)

Hey guys, Samurai here! You know, as I was going through my old YouTube favorites, I stumbled across this video that was posted way back in 2009. It’s a video commercial for Sakura-Con, a popular anime convention in Seattle, Washington. The commercial in and of itself seems pretty non-consequential; a group of random people in a sushi bar exclaim their love of Japanese culture including anime, manga, games, DDR, and tea ceremonies before a cranky sushi chef tells the group to “Get their butts to Sakura-Con!” We then hear a familiar voice telling us when the convention takes place and where to go for details. Nothing too unusual about that, right? Just your typical web commercial, right? Well, time for some commentary…some Angry Black Otaku commentary…

In all my years of knowing about, watching, studying, and loving anime, I have never seen such a head shaking, face palming, eye rolling excuse for a commercial. I have quite a few issues with this one, so let’s take this one down in flames…Cinema-Sins Style.

For a reference, here is the video in question. Just follow along, if you please…


  • Awww, man. They dragged poor Tiffany Grant in this, didn’t they? ::ding::


  • Who the heck is she talking to anyway? Do people just randomly exclaim the love of whatever it is their eating to random people around them? Try that in Louisiana and you might get looks. ::ding::


  • Okay, I’ll be nice. I’ll take away 20 sins right now for every black person in this restaurant. No? Okay I’ll take away 10 sins for every non-white person (Excluding the chef) in this commercial. Nope? 10 sins for lack of diversity. ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding::


  • If Tiffany knew the people around her, would it really be that much of a surprise that they like anime and everything else from Japan? ::ding::


  • Maybe I’m not going to the right Sushi restaurants, but the ones I do go to rarely play old-school Japanese music in the background…normally they’re playing the news or a sports game, or Fox News…darn them. ::ding::


  • “I like Japan period!” Good for you sir! Who are you again? ::ding::


  • “Garugamesh!” Need I say more? Will anyone object to me adding 5 sins to this guy just because he started that stupid freaking meme? No? Okay. ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding::


  • Also, from what I was just told a minute ago, Girugamesh is not worthy of that guys exuberance…and I would tend to agree. Unless it’s Eyeshine. Eyeshine is awesome. (Thanks Rob!) ::ding::


  • “I love anime…and manga!” How ironic that they just so happen to be in cosplay as Honey and Mori from Ouran High School Host Club and they also just so happen to have an Ouran manga with them. ::ding::


  • Also, because this whole farce was directed by Vic Mignogna, the voice actor for Tamaki Suoh in Ouran, I’m gonna add two extra sins for Funimation product placement. ::ding:: ::ding::


  • “And RAI-ME!!” Umm, sir, I’m sure that’s not how you pronounce ramune. ::ding::


  • Also, random ramune is random. ::ding::


  • Also that Ramune bottle does not have a colorful label. I have yet to come across a bottle that plain. ::ding::


  • “I like DDR!” Okay, now you’re just naming random stuff that just so happens to come from Japan. I’m sure there are no Japanese people out there in a Texas-Themed restaurant shouting out “I like guns!” ::ding::


  • “Smile.dk!” They’re Swedish, you dingbat! Granted they made (among other things) that addictive “Butterfly” song that’s been played ad nauseam in every arcade that has a DDR machine, but still–Swedish! ::ding::


  • Japanese sushi chef says “HEY!” in English, then speaks in Japanese. One language or the other, sir. Pick one and stick with it! ::ding::


  • Sushi chef tells us to “Get your butts to Sakura-Con!” while brandishing a large knife. Is this a request or a demand, sir? I think I need an adult. ::ding::


  • Also, isn’t it amazing how perfectly in sync these random people are? They turned their heads at the same time in the same direction and they all shut up at the same time. ::ding::


  • Oh, I call bull pocky right there. You mean to tell me that everyone in this restaurant knows exactly what the Sushi chef was saying in Japanese? I know these are a bunch of Japanophiles and one anime voice actress, but still! ::ding::


  • Vic Mignogna as the announcer reminding us who to blame for this stinking commercial.  ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding::: ::ding:: ::ding::


  • “Don’t just talk about it…” Talk about what? Nobody in this commercial mentioned Sakura-Con. They were just talking about how they love all things related to Japan. The only person that mentioned Sakura-Con was the sushi chef in the last six seconds of the commercial. For a commercial about Sakura-Con, there is a noticeable lack of Sakura-Con! ::ding::


  • Also, I hate to be “that guy”, but if everyone in that restaurant started yelling and cheering while I’m trying to enjoy my meal, I would be seriously ticked off. Seriously, unless it’s somebody’s birthday, shut that noise up. Other non Japanophiles are trying to eat! ::ding::


  • Putting a crappy Sakura-Con logo over tasty looking sushi. ::ding:: ::ding::



SENTENCE: A Night Alone In A Locked Room with the Girugamesh Guy…While Vic Mignogna Narrates.

So, yeah, I’m not a fan of this commercial. I know what you’re probably thinking–“Samurai-san, you should give it a rest! The commercial is seven years old! Why are you bringing it up now?” Well, dawg gone it, it’s my blog, and if I feel like trudging up the past, then dawg gone it, that’s what I’m gonna do. Besides, I got a new keyboard and I been wanting to put it through it’s paces.

Also, even though this commercial is old, it still bugs me. I mean, this video was written, directed and filmed by Vic; one of the most popular voice actors in anime in our time, arguably. Does he truly believe believe that all fans of Japanese Animation in the US are Caucasian, overweight Japanophiles? While I will excuse the fact that these actors were all volunteers, the fact remains that there are no minorities or other races represented in this film which is contrary to the current anime viewing demographic. More and more fans of the genre are non-white males and females. Don’t believe me? Look around at the next anime convention you attend, ladies and gentlemen. You’ll see some of every race in there. The love of anime, heck the love of Japanese Culture spans across all races, creeds and cultures. As corny as this sounds, it brings people together in ways that people from the outside looking in can’t even imagine. Heck, anytime the sitting President of the United States, a black man, thanks the Prime Minister of Japan for, among other things, Manga and Anime, you know that the world of Japanese culture has expanded beyond a bunch of pasty white people ducked off in hotel convention rooms. So, yeah, even though this commercial is old, it still ruffles my feathers.

But that’s all just my opinion. I’m the Angry Black Otaku Man. Have a nice day.

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