Time to Clean House!

Hey guys, Samurai here again! I know that “Everything Wrong With Sakura-Con 2009 Commercial” came out of nowhere, huh? Well, I have a confession to make to you guys. That post is well over 4 years old. I know, right? Talk about late. Well, funny story, I was looking through my old Drafts section and I noticed that I had a bunch of posts that were 50-70% completed, but due to that pesky little annoyance called “life”, I never sat down and finished them. One of those posts was the rant about Sakura-Con; it was about 50% there. So I looked at it and thought, “Meh, why don’t I just edit it up a bit and post it to the blog so I can get some content flowing?” About an hour or so later, an idea I had 4 years in the making finally got to see the light of day.

tumblr_n18i7ekBZq1qh6swzo1_500As I continued digging through my Drafts folder, I noticed that I had 5 partially completed reviews and a few interesting “What’s on my mind” posts that still interested me. Also, I had a blog challenge  that I neglected when I was just a few days away from completing it. In addition, I had an episodic review that I was 2 episodes away from completing. Yikes. So I came to the decision that, rather than leave these poor neglected posts to rot away in my Drafts folder for another 4 years or so, I would, in the coming days and weeks as I find time to do so, clean up these reviews and get them posted up to the blog!

So in the coming days, I ask that you look forward to the following posts:


A Review of “Deadman Wonderland” – Arrested Amusement

"Kids on the Slope" Main Cast...Ironically on a Slope.

A Review of “Sakamichi no Apollon” [Kids on the Slope] – Jazzy Juxtapositions

The Main Cast of "Ninja Nonsense"

A Review of “Ninja Nonsense: The Legend of Shinobu” – Novice Ninja Numbskulls


An Episodic Breakdown of “FLCL”: Episode 5 – Manly Misfire…


An Episodic Breakdown of “FLCL”: Episode 6 – Climatic Conclusions

And also, in the coming days, I will be completing the “30-Day Anime Challenge”! I believe I left off on Day 23 “Favorite Attack Someone Used in an Anime”, so look forward to that pretty soon! Finally, you’ll also notice some sections like the Blogroll, Review Index and “Watching List” finally get an update. Heck, it’s been so long since I updated the “About” section, it still has me as being twenty-six years old, and my favorite series as Highschool of the Dead. Yeah, time for an update there.


So, yeah…I’m back guys. Not sure for how long, but…yeah. I’m back in the saddle! I missed this whole “writing” thing. It feels good. Yeah…


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