30-Day Anime Challenge! Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever

Hey guys, Samurai here once again with Day 19 of the 30-Day Anime challenge! I have to admit–these challenges have been really good for me as far as writing is concerned–once I get started, I just can’t seem to step away from the keyboard. In any case, today’s topic is “Most Epic Scene Ever”. Yeah, umm…I picked three. Don’t look at me like that. You try picking just one. These three moments, labeled A, B, and C, represent the epic of the epic in my way of thinking. I wrote up quite a bit for them, so I’m just gonna step aside and let you read what I picked. Oh, and please note that there are heavy-duty spoilers beyond this point, so tread lightly. More after the break!

Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever (A) —  Alice’s Promotion in Episode 9 of Aria: The Origination


Now, I know what you guys are thinking–“Come on, Samurai-san! Out of all the epic moments in all the different anime you have seen, you’re picking a moment from Aria?!” Yes. Indeed I am. The rules of the challenge do not specify what has to constitute as “epic”. The textbook definition of the word “epic” is “heroic or grand in scale or character.” And to be honest, when I think of epic, I think of this scene from the last season of Aria. The theme of the entire episode is “graduation”; moving to that next stage when we let life become our instructor. Alice-chan graduates from Middle School in the beginning of the episode, and later on in the episode, Athena decides (without Alice-chan’s prior knowledge) that Alice is ready for her Promotion Exam. Alice, of course, expertly aces the practical sculling and tour guide skills, but approaching the last leg of the exam, Alice remarks on her lack of confidence when it comes to singing…and of course, when they reach the final stop of the exam, Athena asks for a song. Alice blows us out the water with her canzone and afterwards the first glove is removed. Happiness and hugs all around and cue Akari’s sappy co–oh, wait a minute…what is this? What is Athena doing? She’s reaching for Alice-chan’s other gloved hand…she’s removing the glove…she just promoted Alice-chan past the Single rank straight to Prima, effectively giving Alice-chan permission to pass “GO” and collect her white gondola. It’s a beautifully epic moment and sets the course for the remainder of the series.

Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever (B) —  Renton’s Transformation in Episode 50 of Eureka Seven


Leaning more towards the action side of the “epic” scale, we have the final moments of the final episode of Eureka Seven. While the final battle in and of itself is epic, and of course the long-awaited kiss is positively prodigious, the moment that I picked focuses on just one single moment. After being recovered by the Gecko, Renton, Maurice, Mater and Linck are not happy campers as Eureka was taken over by the scub coral (as far as I can estimate–I’m still admittedly foggy about a few things with Eureka Seven…). The group is brooding in the Gecko’s main lounge area in the dark. Under the table, Renton’s shoes, which he’s had since the first episode, are now worn out and useless. Holland comes in the room and you think he’s about to deck Renton out of anger like he has done for…well…most of the series. But instead, Holland simply tells Renton to get ready to save his baby mama. With “Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)” playing in the background, we watch Holland brief Renton on the plan to save Eureka. During this briefing, we see Renton change into a brand new, more mature outfit. As Holland and Renton walk down the hall (with the camera facing behind them) we see that Renton now walks with Holland as a man, not as a boy.Even Talho has to remark that Renton has turned into an attractive guy. His confident strides and determined aura drive home the fact that this is a brand new Renton Thurston we’re seeing.

Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever (C) —  Naota’s Confession in Episode 6 of FLCL


FLCL, by its very nature, is an epic, so picking one moment out of oh-so-many is quite difficult. But for me, the climax of Episode 6 stands as the most epic of the entire series. Atomisk, the being that Haruko has been searching for to acquire his power, finally reveals himself, taking over Naota and engaging Haruko in battle. The two exchange guitar strikes during which Atomisk disarms Haruko. and swoops skywards, plunging downwards for the final strike. But just when you think Haruko has met her match, Naota reverts to his normal form and misses the swing. Looking up at Haruko with an embarrassed blush on his cheeks, Naota says “I love you” and kisses a surprised Haruko. This moment is epic for me because it shows just how much Naota has changed since his initial encounter with Haruko. When we first see our blue-socked protagonist, he has loads of walls and barricades around his heart, kept in place by a desire to be as cool as his brother.  Earlier in the episode, we see this final wall come tumbling down when he breaks down and cries in Haruko’s arms when the two of them are alone in his room. He’s now acting like a kid his age. He’s not hiding behind his brothers shadow or trying to act cool and mature. He’s allowing himself to be himself. And that, to me, is epic.

Check back tomorrow for Day 20 of the Anime Challenge: “Anime Character That Gets On Your Nerves” Oh, this is gonna be FUN….


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