30-Day Anime Challenge! Day 18: Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character

Hey guys, Samurai here once again with Day 18 of the 30-Day Anime Challenge! Yesterday, we focused in on the Best Supporting Male character in anime, so naturally, we’ll be focusing in on the best female supporting anime character! Pretty much, my prerequisites for best supporting female are the same for best supporting male–a girl who will provide backup in the form of an encouraging word, a sympathetic ear, or, in the case of my selection, a ride on a transforming demonic cat. My pick for this category actually came in a close second for the “Best Female Anime Character Ever” award, and I was hoping for the opportunity to give this beautiful woman her time in the spotlight. This woman pretty much embodies who I would want my daughter to look up to as a role model…if I had kids, that is. More after the break.

Day 18: Favorite Supporting Female Anime Character —  Sango from Inuyasha


When you think about the female cast of Inuyasha, who would you want most in your corner? A stupid git who’s only redeeming characteristic is that she’s a Shikon Jewel shard bloodhound? A bitter ex-girlfriend who quite literally doesn’t know when to roll over and say die? An old woman who is absolutely useless and hardly on-screen to begin with? A woman who sees NO problem whatsoever with letting her MIDDLE SCHOOL AGED DAUGHTER run off with a half dog half human guy she has NEVER met before?

Or would you rather have a woman who actually has a beautiful personality, her own powerful weapon and fighting styles, and her own transforming method of transportation? Wouldn’t you rather have a woman who has proven time and time again that she doesn’t need a man to run to her rescue every single episode and can actually hold her own in a fight? A woman who actually has drive and a clear mission to accomplish and not just tagging along for the ride? A woman who has one clear love of her life, but takes NO mess from him when he tries to play patty-cake on her tush? Of course you would want her in your corner. I know I would. Which is why I picked Sango for best supporting female anime character, and to be brutally honest, I would pick Sango over Kagome any day and twice on Sunday. In fact, I would pick her over most of the regular cast of females in the Toonami time-slot for the plain and simple fact that she is USEFUL. (Again, looking SQUARELY at you, Sakura…)

Check back tomorrow for Day 19 of the Anime Challenge: “Most Epic Scene Ever”


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