30-Day Anime Challenge! Day 16: Anime With The Best Animation

Hey guys, Samurai here once again with Day 16 of the 30-Day Anime Challenge! Today’s topic was a whopper–“Anime with The Best Animation”. In my day, I’ve seen LOADS of beautiful shows. As technology improves, so does the quality of animated works, and it’s been interesting seeing the evolution of animation just in my lifetime. From the artistic hand-drawn warm feel of Akira to the dawn of the computerized age of animation with Pilot Candidate, anime has come a long way with regards to animation, and my task today was to pick one show that is at the forefront of awesome animation. Sounds easy? It’s not. More after the break.

Day 16: Anime With The Best Animation —  Aria the Origination, Nagi no Asukara & Your Lie in April

Yup. A 3-Way Tie for first place! I quite literally had screen caps of all three shows on my monitor comparing the three to see if I can figure out which show was the best, and you know what? I couldn’t do it! Each of these three shows are jaw-droppingly beautiful in their own right.

Alice, Aika Akari, "Presidents" Maa, Hime and Aria from "Aria: The Origination"

Aria The Origination is, in my own opinion, the better animated of the three seasons. Please don’t get me wrong, Animation and Natural are both beautiful shows, but Origination, to me, is the peak of animation quality. It just feels so warm and inviting and you can tell the creators really had the extra time, money and experience to make this season the absolute best. The character designs for Origination also look fresh and updated, while maintaining the warmth and gentleness of the previous series. Aria The Origination represents Aria at it’s very best animation wise…at least until the new show comes out.


Nagi no Asukara is a show that quite literally took my breath away when I saw it for the first time. I remember commenting on several occasions that the creators must have had a limitless animation budget for this one, because this show is jaw-droppingly gorgeous with lush blues and greens everywhere. Quite literally every single frame of this show could be used as a great wallpaper…for both your home and your computer.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 23.37.40

Your Lie in April not only packed a punch with regards to its drama, but it packed a punch with regards to its animation. This show has a flow all its own. The scenes when the characters are playing their respective instruments are fluid and engaging, and the use of vivid colors is amazing, especially when paired with the great music. Your Lie in April represents what happens when anime creators turn the volume up to 11…then drops the mic.

Check back tomorrow for Day 17 of the Anime Challenge: “Favorite Supporting Male Anime Character”


5 thoughts on “30-Day Anime Challenge! Day 16: Anime With The Best Animation

    1. I agree, Glasslip does have moments of brilliant animation, but those character designs really annoyed me. You could pop a balloon on the chins of these characters, they were so pointy. Also, I absolutely hated the overused freeze-frames. It drags the pacing of this show even lower than what it already is!

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