The Best of 2014: “Best Male Voice Actor – Japanese”

Hey guys! Samurai here once again! We’re now coming to my favorite part of the “Best Of” list–the best V/A’s of 2014! Because, after all, an anime is only as good as the voice coming out the characters mouth! Up first, we take a look at my picks for Best Male Voice Actor in Japanese! 

14609Best Male Voice Actor (Japanese) 2014 – Yūki Kaji

It’s been a very good year in terms of getting popular roles for Kaji-san. And it’s been a good year for fans of Japanese V/A’s in turn. Kaji-san has been in some of the most popular shows of 2014, all of them expertly acted, some of which include:

Yukine in Noragami
Prince in Space Dandy
Oda Nobunaga in Nobunaga Concerto
Kou Mabuchi in Ao Haru Ride
Kousuke Kanzaki in Barakamon
Shu Maiko in Nisekoi

All in all, a respectable resume for a very respectable V/A!


CraRunner Up: Kenjiro Tsuda

Admittedly, my runner up pick for best Male V/A hasn’t had that many roles in the 2014 anime season, but the one role that has earned Tsuda-san a mention here is his portrayal of Maki the sea snail in Orenchi no Furo Jijō. Even though this is a one-shot character, that one shot stuck with me for being fall on the ground hilarious. Seriously, you have to give him a listen. It’s awesome.

And that’s it for the Japanese Best Male Voice Actor of 2014! Coming up next, we take a trip back to the US and check out who I picked to be the Best Male Voice Actor in English! Stick around!


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