The Best of 2014: “Best Male Voice Actor – English”

Samurai here again, guys! So, last time, we went to Japan to find out who I thought was the best male voice actor in Japanese! Now we’re back home to find out who gets the top billing for Best Male Voice Actor in English! Quite a few guys made their mark this year in English Dubs, but at the end of the day, I can only pick two! So let’s find out who rocked the most socks!

800px-10.12.12BrycePapenbrookByLuigiNovi1Best Male Voice Actor (English): Bryce Papenbrook

Vic Mignogna and Todd Habberkorn; look out–because coming up along side, moving at a galloping pace down the road of popularity is Bryce Papenbrook. Son of the late, great voice actor Bob Papenbrook, Bryce is making a name for himself in the industry, and has starred in some of the most popular dubbed anime of the last few years including but not limited to:

Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan
Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya in Sword Art Online
Rin Okumura in Blue Exorcist
Masaomi Kida in Durarara!!



So take a bow, good sir! You have done your parents proud and the anime dub community is a much better place now that you’re in it!


Taichi "Tai" Kamiya - Season One "Digimon Adventure" Leader. Known for his Goggles, White Gloves, and Legwarmer SocksRunner Up: Joshua Seth

I know what you’re thinking: “But, Samurai! Joshua Seth hasn’t been in any dub works in the last few years! He’s quit the industry and became a hypnotist!” And to that I say, yes. You are correct. Joshua has not been in any dubbed anime for a while. HOWEVER…a week ago, he did a guest V/O as Tai from Digimon Adventure for Did You Know Anime, a YouTube video channel that offers up trivia about different anime. At the end of the video, he explained his absence from the V/A world and said that, IF ASKED…he would be more than willing to return to the role of Tai for the new Digimon project coming along in the Spring of 2015! Seriously–all someone has to do is ASK…and he’s there. You can’t TELL me that ain’t exciting! And how cool of him to do an in character voice for a YouTube channel!? This is why Joshua Seth gets the Runner Up nod for Best Male V/A of 2014!

And that’s it for Best Male Voice Actor in English for 2014! Coming up next, we go BACK to Japan to find out who I picked to be Best Female Voice Actress in Japanese! Stick around!


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