Samurai’s Thanksgiving Dream

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Samurai Here…and I have to tell you about this weird dream I had. Now, normally, I don’t share my dreams, but as this dream is anime related, and since this was one of my more amusing dreams and I would rather like to remember this one, I figured, as a bit of a thanksgiving treat, I would share it with you guys. More after the break.

magi_2Okay, so last night, I was watching Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. I had been watching it for the last few days, and really enjoyed it. After a few episodes, I decided to go ahead and hit the sack. That’s when the weirdness started.

I was relaxing at home, not doing much, when my mom called and told me there was an anime convention at Bethany World Prayer Center. For those not in the know, Bethany is a large church down here–they have multiple locations around Baton Rouge. They’re also pretty dawg gone conservative, and I could hardly imagine them hosting a convention. Nevertheless, when I got there, there was a large anime con with a lot of people there!

A836-622I remember walking around, seeing all the people mill around, and it just so happened I looked up and saw a gigantic One Piece wall scroll hanging above me being sold for $3000 bucks. This thing was HUGE! It hung up in the air and it was FREAKISHLY huge! I remember that there were smaller scrolls too for cheaper, but they all looked smaller compared to the large One Piece scroll. Further down the hall,  there was another large Oh! My Goddess wall scroll, just as big as the One Piece one. This one was unique as it had a woman in the background of the picture, to the right of Belldandy, with no top or bra on. I remember saying to someone standing next to me “Bethany is gonna have a fit if they see this being sold.” Then, I remember trying to take a picture of it to post on the blog, but it didn’t turn out right cause I was being bumped and moved.

Vic MignognaNext thing I knew, I saw a long line of people lining up to get into a Vic Mignogna concert in the main auditorium of the church. And I mean it was a LOT of people–mostly girls. I managed to get in, and it was all dark except for the lights flashing around on stage. I’m not sure what he was singing, but I’m pretty sure it was a gospel song as many people around me had their hands raised in praise. I hand my camera in the air recording with my camera. Next thing I knew I was walking out of the auditorium, and there was this woman dressed in a green and orange hoodie handing out Condoms in secret, saying something about practicing safe sex instead of abstinence. She looked extremely familiar, but even now I’m not 100% certain who she was. 

I then kept walking and looking around the convention a little more. I remember there weren’t that many guys at the con. It just seemed like am odd proportion of girls to guys. So, I walked along, and I heard a PA announcement saying something about “Hey, fangirls you’re gonna love our new guest… Aaron Dismuke!” [The original V/A for Alphonse in the first Fullmetal Alchemist series] All of a sudden a gaggle of girls ran over to one area of the hall. I kept walking my own way.

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya - Season One "Digimon Adventure" Leader. Known for his Goggles, White Gloves, and Legwarmer SocksThe scene then changed and I was walking through an arcade area. Old school cabinet arcade games. Most of the guys were in here. I kept walking until I made it to a doorway that connected the two rooms and I was in a room that sold DVD’s. There were people looking around, goofing off and buying stuff, and there was one guy looking at a Digimon Adventure DVD, wondering if he should but it. He eventually put it down. When I looked at it, it it had Tai and Takato on the cover, so I guessed it was seasons 1, 2 and 3. All I remember was that I kept looking around at the DVD’s seeing what they had. The. The scene changed again…

I was outside the convention area walking around, and something happened… I’m not 100% sure what it was… But somehow or another I was involved with trying to figure out who did a certain crime. This tall white guy had a handful of receipts in his hand saying the person who did the crime got away and used a card at a store. When I looked at the receipts, I went all Detective Conan and started explaining stuff about how the receipts show where the criminal used a gift card to avoid detection and that he was planning to leave the country… To Aruba. Then some old guy slammed his hand on the hood of his car and angrily asked “Why would I think he’s going there?!” As I was about to explain it to him, my mom called and woke me up.

And that’s it. That was my dream, guys. I SWEAR, I don’t know where it came from either. I mean, the only thing I can assume is that because the last episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic I watched had Vic in it playing a role. But the whole thing with the large wall scrolls, the arcades, the condoms and fangirls…I’m lost. If there’s anyone out there who is an expert at dream interpretation, please lemme know if I should get my head examined!

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