Breaking News: “Naruto” Manga To End in 5 Weeks-ttebayo


Hey guys, Samurai here, and I have some breaking news for you guys of some historic consequence. Masashi Kishimoto, creator of the long running series “Naruto”, announced today that his series will end in 5 weeks. Anime News Network reports that the final volume of the series will be released on November 10th.

The end of the “Naruto” manga will bring the end to one of the longest running and popular manga series around, having first appeared on the scene in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, and spinning off a wildly popular, multi-season anime, movies, video games, and toy franchise among many other things. Here in the US, “Naruto” has served as a gateway manga and anime series for many fans, and has, in some small circles, been referred to as this generations DragonBall Z.


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: “Naruto” Manga To End in 5 Weeks-ttebayo

  1. This is kind of sad. It’ll be just two days past 15 years that it’s been running. I never realized how long it’s been running. I’m going to miss waking up to new chapters once a week.

  2. Alas my friend is incorrect. Naruto new content will not end in 5 chapters. This is only the current incarnation of the manga. There is an ongoing Naruto Future project which begins with an epilogue movie coming out soon. Alas the intel we have on it already spoils what will happen in the final battle

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