Breaking News — “Digimon Adventure” Sequel Coming This Spring

The Principal Cast of "Digimon Adventure" (Digimon: Digital Monsters in the US)Hey guys, Samurai here with some breaking news. As you can see, today is August 1st; Odabia Memorial Day. It’s been 15 years since seven young kids went to camp for the summer and wound up living in a digital land, where everyone got to meet their own digi-monster; a digital companion, a digital friend–oops. Sorry. The song is catchy, though. But yeah, it’s been 15 years since Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe and TK were flung into the Digital World and we, the attentive viewer was flung into the world of Digimon; a world that consists of six series, eight movies, countless video games, and Lord only knows how many fan-fiction stories…mine included. Well, according to Anime News Network, we can add one more series to the growing Digi-Verse…and if you’re a fan of the classic team, then you’re gonna want to stick around after the break

digimon_01 (1)At a Digimon 15th Anniversary event in Japan, it was announced that a “New Story” featuring the classic Digimon Adventure team [Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi, Koushiro, Jō, and Takeru] in high school will be coming along in the spring of 2015. The only details known about this new story is that our leader, Taichi, will be 17 years old. There’s no information at the time of this printing on whether or not the Adventure 02 team [Davis, Yolei and Cody] will be involved in the story, but one would hope…not.

It was also announced that the original 54 episode Adventure series would be re-released in the form of a Blu-Ray Box Set on March 3, 2015. According to the promotional flier, Adventure will be re-mastered in 1080i, and will cost ¥54,800 which, at the time of this printing, equals $532.33 in US Currency. OUCH. But in addition to the actual show, you’re also getting a brand new “Drama CD”, which are pretty much the original Japanese voice actors and actresses having some fun while in character as well as some art books. On January 9th, the Digimon movies from 1998-2006 will also be released in a special Blu-Ray box set.

Feeling left out in the US? Don’t worry! Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02 and Tamers is still available on Netflix in both the original Japanese and the English Dub, and the DVD’s are still available for purchase just about anywhere at the time of this printing. Yeah, it’s a caveat, but it’s something!

So yeah, if you’re a Digimon Adventure fan, and you just so happen to live in Japan, and if you got the cash to spend, Spring 2015 will be YOUR year–Classic Digimon in HD, and a new series featuring the Original Digi-Destined in high school.

The Infamous 2-Beak Biyomon from "Digimon Adventure"With all these changes coming, one wonders if they will fix Biyomon’s beak…or the wack ending of Adventure 02. An Astronaut…REALLY…




2 thoughts on “Breaking News — “Digimon Adventure” Sequel Coming This Spring

  1. Beat me to it… But How DAMN I AM HYYYYYYYPEEEEED!

    That’s only limited to the fact Toei’s been sucking up the place lately but.I will allow myself to hope again!

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