First Thoughts: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal

Well I just got done with Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1. You know that Reboot Toei has been screwing with us with for the last two years!

A LOT of hype and nostalgia  went into this all around and I’m hoping I can give an outlook that’s a bit fair. So, let’s begin.

The Good

  • Voice acting in general. Having the original Sailor Moon come back and we know the character is gonna be done right was a proper move. Furthermore, I myself, and others on the net do approve of the new Luna. She did quite well.
  • The Adaptation. Coming from the manga source it did a reasonably good job with things as of the first chapter or two at least.
  • The ED, the whole sequence was nice and well done!

The Not-so-Good

  • Character designs. It’s like they stole the legs and JUST the legs from CLAMP.
  • The Transformation. Ladies and gentleman that is one of the most important pieces. Toei knows a little bit about CG, but it does not show here. That transformation was clunky, made Usagi look like a doll. It was overall static. No emotion in her face and overall a let down. Let’s not forget the music which sounds like they grabbed off of Precure. A bad showing in one of the most important parts of the whole series.
  • The OP. Generic painfully generic and absolutely nothing compared to the Legendary Moonlight Densetsu.

So there you have it, it wasn’t an utter failure all around but, they screwed up some extremely important key points that they can’t even fix. Oh well, next time (in 2 weeks). My favorite lady makes her debut. I pray they didn’t screw her up.


2 thoughts on “First Thoughts: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal

  1. Are you kidding me? That transformation was beautiful! The opening was wonderful too. God, what do you want, a carbon copy of the original?

    1. No, in fact I wanted something infinity better than the original. There’s nothing about Usagi’s character that suggests there wouldn’t be any action when she’s transforming. Just standing there like a doll moving her limbs as required. Put some looks on her face, give it a little personality. Toei does that every week. They could have put a little of Usagi’s character into the transformation. Instead they kept it static like the original.

      As for the OP, come on! Did you read those Lyrics?!

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