A Review of “B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time” – High School Hussy

Hey guys! Yeah, I know it’s been a while, and that I have a dozen back entries I should be working on, but dawg gone it, I think this show needs to be dragged out into the light and revealed for what it is…especially as I haven’t heard a lot about it online, even though it’s been licensed and dubbed by a major company. I’m Cajun Samurai, back in the saddle, and this is my review of B Geta H Kei – Yamada’s First Time.

Disclamer: Please note that there will be times that I will be somewhat uncharacteristically blunt and I will be talking about things of a sexual nature–considering the subject matter of this particular show, it’s hard NOT to. But don’t worry, as usual, everything will be kept at or below PG-13.

Warnings and Other Objectionable Content: This show is rated TV-MA and I can’t argue with that rating whatsoever. Nudity [mostly female breasts] and sexuality are the orders of the day for this series. Heck, this series is borderline hentai but definite ecchi. Language is clean, considering what the show is about. Religion and violence flags are both green.

Series Availability: B Gata H Kei is available in DVD, Blu-Ray and combo pack sets, so it’s really a case of pick your poison. No real extras to speak of from what I’ve seen, but there is an English dub blooper reel that’s REALLY worth watching…which is why I’m linking it here.


Affirmative for online purchasing and one of the rare series that’s available for streaming using Wal-Mart’s Video on Demand by VUDU at $1.99 per episode, proving that Yamada is really, REALLY cheap. No brick and mortar store availability, though.

Best Buy

Again, available for online purchasing, but not in a brick and mortar store.


Available in brick and mortar stores and online purchasing…prepare to pay full M.S.R.P though…


Available for online purchase but not in store purchasing.

Other Purchasing Sites

Major purchasing websites like Amazon, Ebay, Right Stuf, and so on all carry this series, so you should have no problem if you’re into physical media. Again, I remind you to exercise caution to avoid any potential disappointment…that’s not related to actually watching this show.

Online Streaming

Funimation and Netflix are currently streaming this series on their service and Funimation offers both subbed and dubbed formats sources. Other streaming sites might carry the series for torrent, but of course, I’ll leave that up to you.



Yamada and her Eros Deity.
Yamada and her Eros Deity.

Story Premise – B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time, is a twelve episode anime series based on a manga created by Yōko Sanri. The series revolves around title character Yamada, a 15-year-old popular high school student who has harbored an ambition since long before she started high school: to have sex with over one hundred guys. One-Zero-Zero. You read that right. Yamada wants to get busy with one hundred dudes…because, you know, why not? However, there’s a problem: due to her total lack of sexual experiences, she feels insecure about letting “battle tested” guys into her bed, and thus she wants her first time to be with a virgin. Enter our male lead, the mild-mannered every-man Kosuda. Kosuda is just the card-carrying, simple-minded virgin Yamada had in mind to bed her down, and it’s even more helpful that Kosuda has a crush on Yamada. So, it should be easy-going, right? Wrong. Thanks to various miscues, Kosuda’s inferiority complex over having a pretty girl actually give him the time of day, and Yamada’s growing insecurities coupled with her manic desire to bed down Kosuda, the pair stumble along in their their “relationship” with two completely different goals in mind—Kosuda just wants to get to know and figure out Yamada, and Yamada just wants him to stuff her like a Christmas Turkey.


Our Female Lead...Yamada.
Our Female Lead…Yamada.

Yeah, this story…okay, let’s get this out the way right here and now. Yamada aspires to be the school whore. Plain and simple. Forgive me if I’m too blunt, but it’s true. I mean, baby girl blatantly admitted that she wants to have over 100 sex buddies in school. Not one. Not ten. SHE WANTS TO GET BANGED BY 100 DUDES. And she’s only in high school. And she’s not particular about who does the deed, except for the fact that she wants her first to be a V-Card carrying virgin for the simple fact that a virgin would be less critical of how her nether regions look…. Pardon my candor here, but Yamada, sweetheart, if you think your nether regions look weird NOW…imagine how they’ll look AFTER sleeping with a hundred guys…assuming you haven’t caught one of about a thousand STD’s that are floating around, and it goes without saying how they’ll look after having a kid, because I’m gonna bet dollars to doughnuts that somewhere along the line, probably around sack mate #25, something is going to fail somewhere, either mentally or contraception-wise, and nine months later, you’re REALLY gonna wish that you had left well enough alone while you’re panting through a contraction with a doctor between your legs telling you to push and that he can see the head. There are other things to aspire to be in life than the class whore.

B Gata H Kei is one of those shows that you can sit through and watch, but you’ll have this growing feeling of awkwardness in the pit of your stomach and in the back of your head; it’s that feeling of watching someone try WAY too hard for something that they’re nowhere near ready for emotionally. I mean, these kids are 15 years old and talk about having sex so nonchalantly. Personally, I think that’s WAAAAY too young to even be considering going that far, much less contemplating having multiple partners. And the shows approach to this is to treat the whole thing rather flippant; neither Yamada nor Kosuda think about the consequences of their actions and, at least with regards to Yamada, she doesn’t even remotely consider the feelings of Kosuda or any of the other 100 guys she plans to bang; she just wants to freak in the sheets and repeat one hundred times.

Yukino and Arima making out...I mean, Hanging out...yeah, that's right...
Yukino and Arima from His and Her Circumstances

I know that there are several occasions in other anime when the main leads decide to cross that line; the most infamous in my book is Yukino and Arima from Kare Kano [His and Her Circumstances]. I reviewed this anime a few years back, but if you recall, Yukino and Arima had a relationship that lasted WAY longer than Yamada and Kosuda’s relationship did and in my mind was far more mature and developed, even though Yukino and Arima were both first years in high school. [And for the record, I believe that Yukino and Arima were also way too young to go as far as they did…] Yukino and Arima’s relationship was based on love, admiration, trust and a general attraction towards each other, so when they decide to go all the way, it’s a decision that’s based on advancing their relationship and taking their love to the next level, not just getting into each other’s pants. And once it happens, we see the consequences [both in the anime and more so in the manga…], both good and bad. B Gata H Kei tries to do this, but its attempts are as shallow as a kiddie pool in a drought on a hot Louisiana summer day.

Chika and one of her boyfriends…

And as though there wasn’t enough to feel icky about, B Gata H Kei also touches on some other relationships that are just as creepy as Yamada and Kosuda’s. Yamada’s little sister Chika has multiple boyfriends who she only uses for gifts, Yamada’s friend Takeshita [a high school student…] is going out with a COLLEGE student, and rival transfer student/rich girl Kanejo has a MAJOR LEAGUE crush on her older brother. Let all that sink in. Take a minute. Take an hour. Take a DAY. It’s like the writers of this show said “Morality? What is that?” And while some of the characters do find Yamada’s desire to execute docking maneuvers with a hundred dudes crazy and somewhat questionable, NOBODY tries to talk her out of it or explain the consequences! Some friends, huh? And it only draws attention to the fact that Yamada and Chika’s parents are conveniently absent! Kosuda’s parents are seen in the series, but Yamada’s folks are MIA…probably in MIA [Miami]. I can’t help but wonder just how Yamada would turn out if she had her mother around to say “Hey, look, don’t worry about stuff like how your nether regions look. So long as you think you’re beautiful, that’s all that matters. You don’t have to put yourself out there like a $2 Hooker on the street.” But, alas, the parents are conveniently absent during this time in their daughter’s life and the end result is what you see…

The end of this show pretty much bombs in my books. The ending is just the same old goofy slapstick comedy that we’ve seen with no resolution and the last few scenes only reinforces the fact that Yamada STILL wants to have sex with over a hundred dudes and that overrides any fleeting trace of warmth.

So yeah, long story short, this show, while it does have its funny moments, can’t shake what it is at the core–a story about a high school girl who wants to have one hundred guys sleep with her…and that’s face-palmingly awkward no matter how you look at it. [14.5/25]


Favorite Scene: I plead the 5th here…



Yamada  Our horny female lead. Let it be known that at the onset of this series, we only know two things about our female lead—her last name [her first name is never revealed—not even in the manga], and the fact that she wants to get laid…badly…by one hundred guys. And at the end of the series, she’s pretty much the same, except she now kinda likes Kosuda as a person than just her first conquest. Yamada is a frustrating character to get behind or root for on any level with regards to her relationship with Kosuda. Just when you think you’re gonna try to understand her, she does something or says something that makes her look less like a young girl who is just confused about her sexuality, and more like a Witch-With-A-“B” who is willing to go to bed with anybody. 
Takashi Kosuda  Kosuda is our male lead character. He likes Yamada and he has a camera. Oh, and he’s nowhere near as horny as our female lead. That’s about it. Yup. Kosuda is about as interesting as a packet of soy sauce in a sushi restaurant. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice when we get in his brain and try to figure out what he’s thinking, and at times he does show flickers of personality, but at the end of the day, Kosuda is about as bland as bland can get. At one point during the series, he ponders why a girl like Yamada would fall for a guy like him…and I tend to wonder why as well. 
Chika Yamada  Yamada’s little sister who seems to have a thing for dating different guys who buy her gifts. Now, I’m not saying she’s a gold digger…but she ain’t messing with no broke, broke…okay, I’ll stop. Chika tends to give Yamada advice on handling issues of love and being intimate. 


Miharu Takeshita Yamada’s best friend and the one character with the most common sense in this entire show. She gives Yamada advise on how to proceed in her relationship with Kosuda…without much success. And really, it’s no wonder; Takeshita is treating the Yamada/Kosuda relationship as a typical relationship when she knows good and dawg gone well that Yamada is only USING Kosuda for her own ends. Oh, and she’s also going out with a college student and it’s hinted that she lost her virginity…IN JUNIOR HIGH.
Mayu Miyano  They typical childhood friend character who has a Hinata-Level crush on Kosuda, but of course, Kosuda has a case of Naruto-Level Stupid he can’t see it. 
Kazuki Kosuda  Kosuda’s older sister and probably my favorite character in this show. She’s a great older sister to our white-bread male lead, and gives him some good advice peppered with that older sister snark that makes older sisters so prodigiously awesome. 
Erogamisama [Yamada’s Eros Deity] Remember Babbit from Kodomo no Omocha [Kodocha]; the little bat/rabbit thing that flew around providing commentary and comedy while putting slilght cracks in the 4th wall? Well imagine that character as a human female with a mustache who flies around on a cloud whose goal is to get Yamada laid. Yeah, that’s all you need to know about this little one. She doesn’t give much to the plot except encourage this debauchery and provide commentary. I actually found her quite funny. Kosuda has one as well, but he’s not nearly as mobile or useful, and he also acts as a stand-in for Kosuda’s…naughty bits. 
Kyoka Kanejo  Our rich girl transfer student who is fiercely jealous of Yamada’s popularity and tries to steal Kosuda from her, but thankfully, Kosuda is denser than depleted uranium and doesn’t get the hint. Kanejo also has a freakish obsession with her big brother; and not just a “I love my big brother so much!” thing, no. She REALLY LOVES her big brother…like REALLY love. I don’t even…

So, yeah, the characters in this show are a combination of the bizarre and the cliché, with only Kosuda’s older sister and the few times that we see non-sexual personality out of Kosuda himself saving this section from getting a single-digit score. [15.5/25]

Animation: The animation style of B Gata H Kei is actually really well done. Character designs are okay and background scenery is good. The only thing that’s memorable about it is how this show features an “Ogre Brand” of condom which seems to be advertised around the city and is used to censor various naughty bits. It’s amusing if nothing else. Considering the nature of this show, fanservice is the order of the day here, which is no surprise really; a show like this with no shame whatsoever… [10.5/12.5]

B.Gata.H.Kei.full.200257Music: The opening theme for B Gata H Kei is “Oshiete A to Z” by Yukari Tamura…and it sucks. I mean, this song gets stuck in your head, and not in a good way. The title sequence is unimaginative and boring, putting Yamada in various sexy poses that come off as trying WAY too hard. The ending theme “Hadashi no Princess”, also by Yukari Tamura is equally bad. It reminds me of the Pilot Candidate ending credits, just slightly updated as some of the characters actually move a little, but it has no imagination and feels static. The background and incidental music is the same goofy kind of music you can probably find in any high school romantic comedy; toeing the line between being barely passable and slightly annoying. [4/12.5]


Performances and Production: B Gata H Kei is brought to us by Studio Hal Film Maker in Japan, with director Yusuke Yamamoto at the helm. Hal Film Maker has brought us such series as Aria, Boys Be…, and Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan, which goes to prove that even a broken clock is right two times in a day. In the US, Funimation picks up this project with director Zach Burton at the helm. Zach has been in quite a number Funimation projects [surprise, surprise] as director including Eureka Seven AO, Rumbling Hearts, Darker than Black, and Desert Punk among others shows. Let’s look at the cast lineup:


Japanese Voice Actor/Actress

English Voice Actor/Actress


Yukari Tamura

Brittney Karbowski

Takashi Kosuda

Atsushi Abe

Scott Freeman

Chika Yamada

Asami Shimoda

Emerick Jade

Mayu Miyano

Kana Hanazawa

Jad Saxton

Kazuki Kosuda

Mamiko Noto

Martha Harms

Erogamisama [Yamada’s Eros Deity]

Rumi Shishido

Alexis Tipton

Kosuda’s Eros Deity

[No Credit Found for this Character]

Greg Ayres

Kyoka Kanejo

Yu Kobayashi

Kristi Kang

Yup. Looks like your standard Funimation “B” class of actors; the ones that they break out for productions that aren’t exactly going to sell them DVD/Blu-Ray DVDs, or have a huge fan following, but are good enough to make the production passable. Please note that I don’t mean this as a slight to any of these actors, after all, I really enjoyed this dub and it was one Takashi.Kosuda.full.200253of the few enjoyable aspects of this entire show. [I intentionally put that in bold, just in case someone wants to hit up the comments with “OMG! He’s dissing anime voice actors!] It’s just that, in my time watching anime, and with regards Funimation dubbed series especially, I’ve come to realize that they only break out the veterans for productions they KNOW will be top sellers—stuff like Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, and the like. They use a high-tier “A” class director and high-tier actors and actresses. Shows like this; little twelve episode shows they get on the cheap? “Meh, let’s get the ‘B’ class in on this one in the booth. They need the work.” In this case, the “B” group does an awesome job with the material given, and add a layer of hilarity to the show that almost makes you forget that you’re watching something so morally…questionable. Brittney Karbowski puts on an awesome performance as Yamada and adds her own seasoning to the character expertly. Likewise Scott Freeman adds more personality to Kosuda than he was originally given. In all, a great showing for a not so great show. [25/25]


Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 11/25
Characters – 12.5/25
Animation – 10.512.5
Music – 4/12.5
Performance and Production – 25 /25

Final Score – 69.5/100 = 69.5% – (F)


B.Gata.H.Kei.full.200200So, where does that leave us? Well, B Gata H Kei just is not that good of a show. It’s almost passible in my books, but at the end of the day, I just can’t get over the fact that this show’s main focus is a girl who wants to be used as a sex toy for one hundred guys…and who wants to take the virginity of some unsuspecting sap just because she can’t deal with how her nether regions look! No matter who you are, no matter what your religion says about sex, no matter what you morally believe is the proper this is just wrong on so many levels, and in my opinion, no amount of comedy can dilute it. Even if you strip that particular aspect of the show away, what you’re left with is just your typical dime store boy meets girl high school romantic comedy with your typical characters, typical episodes and a typical ending. While it can be argued that it’s unique having a female lead character take the sexual lead in an anime relationship, Yamada takes it to an extreme that is borderline hentai.

tumblr_mghh8nOvZY1rjtdb7o1_500I would like to close with the following challenge: If there are any fan fiction writers or anime script writers out there who are reading these words, please do me a favor. Please write a story where Yamada from B Gata H Kei and Makoto Ito from the infamous School Days series hook up. I swear this would be a match made in ecchi heaven: both of these characters can have as much sex as possible without attachment or consequence, and nobody has to die a horribly bloody death, severed head, or nice boat.


4 thoughts on “A Review of “B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time” – High School Hussy

  1. A great review of that anime! I must confess that I ignored it based solely on its title, but it sounds like it had enjoyable parts. The premise is too outrageous though!

    1. Admittedly, it does have it’s moments that are enjoyable and make you laugh, but that’s mostly because of the English Script. It’s almost like a gag-dub in a way.

      Thank you once again for your support!!

  2. Honestly I approach this series from the entirely different direction. I admire Yamada’s desire to buck tradition and reach for her dreams, but the show ended up pissing me off by wasting them and sticking her in a boring Romcom wherein she never manages to get laid at all.

    Poor girl deserved better than that. (Also for bonus points- I’ve been told the manga mentions her having a chronic masturbation problem, a few dozen ‘sex buddies’ would have been helpful.)

  3. Honestly, I was that guy (Kosuda) in High School every bit. The nervous, never wanting to speak my mind kind of guy. Although the ending of the Anime itself fell short of what could’ve been a modest ending, the Manga of this series (which is a lot better imo) holds more story, and is a lot funnier than the Anime (but that’s usually with all manga to anime cases, huh?
    Anyway, since I share common interests with one of the main characters, this remains (to me) one of my favorites.

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