A Review of Aikatsu!: Ideal Idol Activities

My Passionate Idol Activities, Aikatsu! Is beginning now!

everyhoneyGALAXY! AMAZING! It’s SHOWTIME! Ohayo Honeys and Fans! Welcome to My First review of the New Year! I’m Otaku Andrain-sama! Cool!  What’s that? Where have I been?! Well… Um…Busy! ANYWAY  I have to correct one of the Biggest Errors of MY LIFE! Bad Job Ore…

Well with the Samurai watching utter garbage (I’ll show you guys Ecchi done right soon enough), I feel like I need to come back to this, because I like many others probably skipped this Anime because of the TERRIBLE HORRIBLE BAD synopsis we were given to this Gem. Well, now I’m here to correct the record. Stand up! Cheer your hearts out. This is my first review of Aidol Katsudou, Aikatsu!

Story Premise: Aikatsu! is an ongoing weekly series, but thankfully after Episode 50, (That’s right it’s gonna be on a while) there was a nice time skip I can use as a cut-off point. It is a series following the Idol Activities of Hoshimiya Ichigo a normal girl who upon the urging of her best friend Kiriya Aoi decided to turn the rice scoop she uses at her family’s bento shop into a Microphone. She attends the prestigious Starlight Academy an escalator type school for Idols. Ok, I’ll admit, not the most unique thing Sunrise Studios has ever brought to our attention still the background is solid and loops together in a lovely poetic way as you can see through your very eyes dreams reaching across generations! (12/15)

Approachability: Aikatsu! is an All levels All ages  anime. I’m a little biased since my feelings for this Anime are pure LOVE YOU! Still, I can happily recommend it to anyone. Idol fans obviously will get the most mileage but the character types are varied enough that anyone can find a favorite, and there’s Johnny Bepp. I’ll get to him later. Aikatsu is an easy approach and the kind of thing I give a (10/10)


Hoshimiya I1394911163223chigo is exactly the sort of girl you’d expect to lead an idol show. Energetic, pure, and slightly on the dense side. As stated before she’s a first year middle schooler who likes to help out in her family’s Bento shop. She’s very driven when she wants to excel, and her simple mindedness is a plus, not only to her career but also her personality.aoi

Kiriya Aoi is Ichigo’s best friend. She is the Idol Professor, there is NO ONE that knows more about idols then she, she’s been studying them since she was a little girl and she’s convinced Ichigo has what it takes. When it comes to herself though she tends to have confidence issues, but that’s what a best friend is for right?

Shibuki Ranran is the third main character and befriends Ichigo and Aoi early in the series. Known as “The Beautiful Blade,” Ran comes across as Cool and Spicy. Her passion is modeling and she comes across cold due to events in her past. Her favorite food is Nori (Seaweed) and is known to rarely eat sweets.

Kanzaki Mizuki, the Starlight Queen, The absolute top of the idol world. She’s a year older then the rest and they respect her as an honored sempai. Mizuki is what inspired Ichigo to take the plunge into this world. She has been the top ever since she entered Starlight Academy in her first year and it’s hard to imagine anything or anyone catching up to her.

Hoshimiya Raichi, Ichigo’s younger brother is a budding Idol fan. He considers himself Aoi’s Biggest fan and has a crush on her, but cheers on his sister too. It’s fun to watch as his Fankatsu develops

Hoshimiya Ringo, is Ichigo’s lovely mother who owns a Bento shop! As a mother naturally will, she encourages her daughter to turn her scoop into a mike and is always watching over her.

Orihime is the head mistress of Starlight Academy. Hime as she’s normally called due to it being her stage name when she was on stage alongside her partner Miya as the legendary Idol Group Masquerade, is a woman who knows what it takes to be an idol. She stood at the absolute pentacle, and she’s happy to share what she knows to her beloved students.

Last but not least… is the one… the ONLY!

JOHNNY BEPP! Ichigo’s Homeroom teacher is THIS MAN! With a passion for guiding Idols and a clear mastery of Dance, He’s one of the most animated in the series despite being a guy. His passion is always turned up to 11 and he’ll do anything for his honeys! (Even if it annoys Orihime at times.)

That’s just the opening slice when it comes to characters. They get more wild and more LOVE YOU~ the deeper into this you go. So you better watch it before someone comes around to suck your blood (25/25)


Solid throughout, the big thing to note about this title is Sunrise has this thing, about IMPROVING their CG as time goes on. Like they put more money into the budget or something! Seriously, If you can’t stand the CG, just wait until Episode 9 which is the first tier rise, by the time you get to Episode 51, you are watching some great CG! (10-14/15)

[Mezashite] Aikatsu! - 66 [78744DE1].mkv_snapshot_00.20_[2014.03.06_21.38.00]


Star*Anis is a musical group that was brought together to bring these characters to life. These ladies are all fantastic singers and well frankly if the OP Signalize doesn’t take you in and the first ED Calender Girl will make you fall in love. If neither of those work… well you don’t have a soul. These girls are GOOD. The Insert songs are all of fantastic quality and vary between Poppy and plain Rock(15/15)


I only have second hand knowledge to go off from, cause lets face it, I don’t have access to the Arcade machine that’s conveniently translated in order to check the narratives. So I can’t really score this this time.


You know, for an anime about an Arcade Rhythm game that you have to buy collectable cards for to play, this is pretty darn great! What is it about Sunrise and their power to not only make Idol worlds come alive (Sunrise is also responsible for The Idolm@ster and Love Live: School Idol Project Animes), but also be able to make Bandai so much BANK (between Aikatsu and Gundam Plastic Models since Sunrise also runs a monopoly of Giant Robots too).


As I stated before, the CG used for performances starts out severely lacking, about the same REALLY bad quality of the arcade version. Frankly most of us fans wonder why they don’t update those models. They find amusing ways to get a good look at the world of idols. the scandals in this series! YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE!

Ichigo is played by Morohoshi Sumire-san. She’s best known for being Nina Tucker from FMA (*sniffle*) but she’s also quite popular from playing Amatsuka Seira from the Good Job Club

Aoi is played by another newcomer Tadokoro Azusa-san who seems to be mostly in a couple of Sunrise works. Nothing major which is disappointing and I look forward to more from her in the future

Ran is played by Ohashi Ayaka-san, who is also fairly new but she’s got a lot of respect from me for being Fleur Blanc, one of the only Three good things in Eureka Seven: AO.

Mizuki is played by Kotobuki Minako-san, Yes, that’s right, an actual idol who has been in a crap ton of crap, no wonder Mizuki is OP

Orihime-san is played Mastsutani Kaya-san, She’s got a few great roles to her name, most notably Matsumoto Rangiku from Bleach.

Finally Johnny Bepp is played to perfection by Yasumura Makoto-san. He’s apparently a newcomer, but whatever he’s got… I hope they put him into some incoming Mecha show. That man has FIRE

Sunrise has a lot of good people on this including Star*Anis and they show once again when they put they put their minds to it they can make something really good! (23/25)

So let’s tally up the points!

Premise 12/15

Approachability 10/10

Characters 25/25

Animation 7.5-11.5/12.5

Music 12.5/12.5

Production 23/25

Final score 90-94.5/100 A


This is my favorite airing anime right now. Frankly it’s going to make me sad as hell when it finally ends, but I have been enjoying myself with it to absolutely no end. Hopefully you all will like it too. I’m Otaku Andrain back kind of sort of, I’m currently stuck in a spiral of madness, don’t worry I’ll claw my way up again soon.


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