The ABC Award!

abc-award-logoHey guys, Samurai here again, and it looks as though my good friend over at “Annalyn’s Thoughts” anime blog nominated us for the ABC Award! Yes, I know it’s just a “Get to know you” kind of thing, but dawg gone it, any positive recognition is good recognition!

In any case, here are the award rules that I will follow to the best of my ability:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post. [Let’s see. Yep. Done that.]

2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award. [I’ll do that at the bottom of the page…but I don’t have that many…]

3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself. [Alrighty then! Here we go…]

A is for Android – The operating system my phone currently uses. I currently own a Galaxy Note 2 and I love it to pieces. This is the 2nd Note 2 I’ve had, as my first one got lost on the WMATA Green Line Metro going to Greenbelt. Thank God for Phone Insurance.

1348721006673B is for Bicycle – I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was in about the 7th grade.

C is for Christian Anime Alliance – The first major forum I joined way back in the early 2000’s. It was a great place, with a lot of great people…but sadly, time makes fools of us all, and I left CAA late last year.

Koushiro "Izzy" IzumiD is for Digimon The anime that has most inspired me over the last few years and, as odd as it sounds, the anime that has most contributed to my existing personality. Because of Digimon, I got into writing, met my current friends, and expanded my vocabulary by adding one very special word, frequently uttered by a kid dressed in orange with green socks…

E is for Easy Going – I’m very lax when it comes to quite a few things that others panic about. And on the flip side I tend to be very nervous and anxious about some things people are very lax over. Yeah, I know, my wires are crossed. Story of my life.

F is for Failure – I failed a class in the 12th grade that was a requirement for me to graduate which means I couldn’t march with my class. However, it still worked in my favor because I got to take a summer school course with this girl who I really liked, and my graduation was about 90% cheaper than the official one!

G is for Greg – Greg as in Ayres, my favorite English anime voice actor. Seriously, dude is awesome as both an actor and as a singer. G is also for another Greg that I’m good friends with on the Book of Face. Dude has got to be the oldest living Pokemon fan I’ve ever come across. 

H is for Hardheaded – I can be quite hard headed and stubborn at times, and I can definitively say I got that trait from both my sister and my mother. It’s something I’m working on as I get older, but my hard head is a hard nut to crack.

I is for India – My late sister. India was like one of those grate big sisters you would find in an anime–intelligent, inspirational, funny, encouraging…I’m sure she’s up in heaven laughing her butt off at her geeky little brother. My sister taught me how to ride my bike and later, before she passed, she taught me how to drive.

DSCF0002J is for Jiro2 – My nickname for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jiro means “Second Son” in Japanese, and since this is the 2nd Jeep I’ve owned to carry the name,  I added the “2” at the end. So this reads “Second Son 2″…redundant much?

K is for KC – My nephew; that is to say my late sisters son. He’s in the 9th grade, excellent grades, and one of the coolest kids around. He’s also a constant reminder of two things: My sister and her unconditional love for everyone, regardless, and that I’m getting old…KC is in the 9th grade….I remember the day he was BORN! Oy…

L is for Legend – My first car–a 1993 Acura Legend that was given to me after my sister passed. I drove that car, quite literally, to pieces. I was fond of saying that the front bumper was held on with two things–the Grace of God and Super Glue. Go ahead and laugh. I took my drivers test in that car, which seemed appropriate as it was my sisters car and it’s the only vehicle I had ever driven.

M is for Mistakes – I make a lot. Not intentional, don’t get me wrong, but I am a consummate butterfingers. I try my best though!

N is for Night Owl – I typically don’t go to sleep until about 1 or 2AM…maybe 3 at the latest. This stems from my days of working late and overnight shifts. At one point, I worked a 10:30PM – 7:30AM shift for about 2 years! As of recently though, my sleep patterns have somewhat stabilized…but I still sometimes stay up super late and just sleep in the next morning.

O is for Orange – I LOVE oranges. Seriously, I LOVE them! I can eat like three or four of them in one sitting! Tangerines are my all time favorites, but really, I’ll take any kind you give me!

DSCF0069P is for Photography – I am a photographer in self-training. Yeah, I know that sounds funny, but I’m training myself to be a decent photographer. I do this by giving myself photo assignments and by going out with my camera every day off and taking a bunch of frames just so I can gain experience. I then go home and grade my work with my mother in the living room to see how I did and where I can improve. I think I’m doing okay, but I really got to work on nighttime frames.

Q is for Quiet – I hate it when it’s abnormally quiet. Whether it’s at work or just by myself in my room, I hate it when it’s too quiet in one place. That’s why I always sleep with a podcast playing on my tablet. That way I can listen to the news while I drift off. 

R is for Right-Handed – Okay, I know this is a taboo, but my right hand is my dominant hand and I wear my wristwatch on my right hand. Scandalous, no? I know that you’re “supposed” to wear your watch on the opposite wrist you write with, but I love to break the mold.

308051_517345031627397_2120193356_nS is for Sandwich – I ship Kirito from the anime Sword Art Online with a sandwich, and I have no shame in this at all. Sandwich-Kun is about the best thing to happen to Kirito since Asuna.

T is for Travel – I never traveled when I was little. My family didn’t really go for “vacations” and all. But now that I’m older and have been blessed with the means for traveling, I tend to do it quite often and I find that I appreciate it more than I think I would had I been traveling a lot as a kid. I took my first plane ride in 2013 to Washington DC, and it was quite an enjoyable experience!

U is for Underestimate – NEVER underestimate me. I hate it when people do that! Don’t think I can’t do something–ask me and I’ll show you what I can do. 

OMG_2.jpgV is for Virgin – Yes, I still have my V-Card tucked neatly in my wallet. We still exist, ladies and gentlemen–there are still those out there who want to wait until they are married before doing the old Box Spring Boogie. A lot of people would be ashamed to admit this, especially someone like me–a straight black guy in his late 20’s. But you know what? I’m proud of my V-Card because it shows that I’m waiting on the one, and I’m committed to that wait.

W is for Walking – I tend to walk quite a lot. Not really for exercise, but just because I enjoy walking. Especially when I have my camera in hand.

X is for Xathan Gum – My favorite thickening agent. [Yes, I’m reaching. Gimme a break…]

YouKnowMyNameY is for “You Know My Name” – The theme song to the James Bond movie Casino Royale. I swear, Chris Cornell rocks my socks to prodigious levels with that song. I swear, I have to hear that song at least 3 times a week and sing it in my truck at least 4. Yes, I sing in my truck. Deal with it or join in.

Z is for Zygote – I started out my life as a zygote. Those were some boring times. Just dividing over and over and over and over and over again…ugh…so tedious.

And that’s it–the ABC’s of Cajun Samurai! That was…interesting…to say the very least. So, I’m supposed to tag other bloggers to nominate them for this award, right? Well, I think I have a few in mind…

Medieval Otaku from “Medieval Otaku”
GoodbyeNavi from “Black Strawberry”
Kendall Lyons from “Cartoon Daily News”
Justin from “Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses”

And that’s about it! Have fun guys!


5 thoughts on “The ABC Award!

  1. Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed reading about your sister; she sounds amazing. And it was fun to hear about those cars; I’ve never been one to give my cars or other tech names (although I do talk to my computer when it’s being fussy), but it’s amusing to see the names other people come up with.

    I’ve never paid attention to where people put their watches. I’m right handed, and I probably would wear my watch on that hand. When I was little, I did. Then my cousin teased me about a ring on my left ring finger (“is it from a boy? Is it a promise ring?”), so rings had to go on my right hand from then on. Obviously, I can’t have a bracelet or watch on the same hand as a ring. That would be unbalanced. Thus, my watch is on my left. It may, someday, move back to my right, but only if I get a ring on my left. Even then, I’m not sure I could handle the change.

    1. Funny thing–my principal way back in elementary school noticed that I used to wear my watch on my right hand and he laughed about it. Since then, I had always worn it on my left. I only started wearing it back on my right last year, and I plan on keeping it that way.

  2. Thanks for your nomination! I have already done the ABC Awards post. Man, it’s hard to find something for the letter X!

    I enjoyed reading your list. I find myself playing music a lot these days to fill up quiet. It is a shame though, I used to be more satisfied in silence.

  3. Yeah, I already did an ABC post, so I’ll silently retire from that. (Maybe. Or maybe not lol)

    Hey, I love it when it’s quiet, especially during reading time, or when I have to concentrate. Or maybe that’s just a personality quirk…

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