A Tag-Team First Reaction of “Seitokai Yakuindomo: Season 2”!

Cajun Samurai: [::bows deeply::] Happy 2014 everybody!

Otaku Andrain: We survived the end of the world to see another year.

Cajun Samurai: Indeed we have. For those of you who are still following us, we thank you for your support over the last year, and we hope you will continue supporting us knuckleheads in the coming year.

1389057941136Otaku Andrain: Well Boss, this last week was absolute murder, all the anime took a week off pretty much.

Cajun Samurai: Yeah, but hey, with the holidays falling like they did, the creators probably figured they would sneak in a break…and SOME of them, for the most part deserved it.

Otaku Andrain: You know full well my Long series could have easily gotten an episode ahead and I would have forgiven QUALITY (Quality in all caps is defined as REALLY, really terribly drawn frames.) But no, nothing!

Cajun Samurai: Right, right…I know those feels very well…especially with my long series. Good Grief. But, that was then and this is now…and now is the winter of our Discontent…or rather content, as this week kicks off the winter 2014 anime season!

Otaku Andrain: This season is not gonna be all that strong. I’ll give some of them a chance, but frankly, two non-Sengoku Anime about Oda Nobunaga is just getting old.

Cajun Samurai: Maybe, but I’m pretty optimistic that we might get some good stuff from this season in the form of returning champions–Silver Spoon, Nagi no Asukara, Golden Time, Space Brothers…and our topic of discussion for today…

Otaku Andrain: We’ve mentioned it before, the most perverted non perverted Comedy of them all. Proving it’s not always men that scrape from the bottom of the barrel.

Cajun Samurai: Bro, they’re almost THROUGH the bottom of the barrel. Of course, we’re talking about Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 2! The high school comedy where anything goes, but nothing is shown…well, nothing MUCH anyway.

Otaku Andrain: The Samurai had a great night last night, the Saints won and he got THIS.

new-orleans-saints-wallpaper-1Cajun Samurai: WHO DAT SAY DEY GONE BEAT DEM SAINTS?!?! [::clears throat::] Ahem. Sorry…I have NO idea what came over me.

Otaku Andrain: In any case…

Cajun Samurai: But, yes, the outcome of the Saints vs. Eagles game was quite amusing to me, and afterwards, I got another dose of amusement which does not involve Drew Brees, Marquis Colston, or Jimmy Graham. And if you do not know who any of these gentlemen are [::draws his katana::] Please meet me outside for some remedial lessons…

Otaku Andrain: Not all of us are from Saint’s Nation. Don’t worry you’re all safe.

Cajun Samurai: [::clears throat::] that’s “Who Dat Nation”, technically…

Otaku Andrain: In any case SYD Season 2! What can you say?

Cajun Samurai: I found it to be complete and utter insanity and I enjoyed every single second of it!

Otaku Andrain: That was just episode 1.

Cajun Samurai: Yep. Which means that for at least 12 more episodes, we can expect even more. Shall we start from the beginning?

Otaku Andrain: Of course. The beginning was completely out there. The only reason I knew what we were watching was the fact the Dialog by itself would never be shown on American TV… AT ALL

Cajun Samurai: Absolutely not…unless it was Comedy Central, and even then, they might not take the chance on it. Now, I flown for the first time last year, and I do not recall ANY of these conversations with the flight crew…

Otaku Andrain: Because they don’t happen. If those topics occurred in the states, people would be fired and/or in prison.

Cajun Samurai: Possibly the later. In any case, we’re brought into the big city and right from jump, we see that somebody wrote a big fat check to the animators because this show looks downright amazing.

Otaku Andrain: Frankly I was expecting the decent animation from the OVAs but… This is freaking amazing!

1389060495879Cajun Samurai: Yeah, I mean, don’t get me wrong, SYD Season 1 looked good, but SEASON 2 pulled out all the stops. I mean, forgive me for saying this, but a show that’s pretty much a typical high school comedy, it looks very high market.

Otaku Andrain: Also, That ENGRISH! That was amusing. But yes… I thought they were blowing the entire budget on the first 5 minutes. It’s happened. But no… There’s… Everything! Including our favorite dog!

Cajun Samurai: Yup. Seems almost appropriate that the show starts with him.

Otaku Andrain: Would you agree the moment that it said “We’re starting out a little sentimental,” was the moment you sat back and closed the door? “We’re gonna get this engine started.” Ha!

Cajun Samurai: Yup. When this show attempts to get sentimental, I just brace myself because I KNOW it ain’t lasting long.

Otaku Andrain: Yeah well it was helpful for new viewers to know what to expect!

Cajun Samurai: Agreed. And how did you like the handling of our re-introduction to our Student Council President and Vice President?

Otaku Andrain: Tsuda being saved by the girls who think they’re dating was pretty freaking god.

Cajun Samurai: Indeed. If he would only show up to school dressed appropriately, he wouldn’t need to be punished…

Otaku Andrain: Shino was surprisingly in-charge though. She’s not normally so formal.

Cajun Samurai: She probably has other things on her mind…other…interesting things…but in any case, we’re soon reintroduced to our other kooky cast including our little Suzu-chan…

Otaku Andrain: Hey! Don’t skip the Judo team!

Cajun Samurai: Oh yeah! I forgot–our Judo team with a leader who decides it’s COMPLETELY normal to run with bread in your mouth!

Otaku Andrain: My first big laugh did come with Suzu’s Intro.

1389059693115Cajun Samurai: Mine as well…seems like our little Suzu got a new “Suzu’s Head” graphic.

Otaku Andrain: … You do realize it’s more along the lines of they have an entire team on it. The little fourth wall jab though was PERFECT

Cajun Samurai: Yup. I do honestly think the animators take freakish delight in only having 1/2 of Suzu’s head in a shot just so they can use the signage.

Otaku Andrain: Of course Nene-san hasn’t change.

Cajun Samurai: And for this we are thankful…

Otaku Andrain: We are?

Cajun Samurai: Because she just adds to the hilarity…and adds a small sliver of creepiness…

Otaku Andrain: Never mind! Moving on! Our first look at our favorite Maid, our Ojou-sama and what this anime considers a teacher.

b-gata-h-3Cajun Samurai: Seriously, I don’t know who needs to be laid more–this teacher, Makoto from School Days or Yamada from B gata H Kei.

Otaku Andrain: Apparently she’s getting laid tonight though…

Cajun Samurai: Yeah, with someone that sounds like they haven’t even gone through PUBERTY yet!

Otaku Andrain: ANYWAY…Our main cast joins together… which is always something that should frighten our friend Tsuda and Aria makes her first extremely ridiculous statement…

Cajun Samurai:  Hey! Wait a minute! What about Hata-chan our roving reporter?

Otaku Andrain: She was surprisingly careless getting caught by Shino so easily.

Cajun Samurai: Indeed. But Dat camera…[::clears throat::] In any case, we’re treated to more awesome animation and a dog-eye view of the school as Shino hunts for Tsuda! Seriously, these guys must’ve gotten a blank check with regards to animation budget!

Otaku Andrain: Seriously! I’m flabbergasted! This is supposed to be an adaptation of a 4-koma manga that appeals to literally the lowest common denominator possible!

Cajun Samurai: And yet it looks like something that is meant for all audiences in prime time!

Otaku Andrain: Of course, that entire sequence was exactly what this show is about. “I can’t talk to him about that… so I’ll just yell at him like normal.” HA!

Cajun Samurai: Perhaps that’s for the best. And good grief, that group photo…when EVERYBODY wants to join in…

Otaku Andrain: Skipping over the world’s greatest Imouto [Little Sister]. TREASURE! Ok to be fair if she WERE my Imouto I’d fear for the future much like Toki-san. Also, don’t tell me you didn’t at least chuckle at the “INCOMING JOKE!” Moments…

Cajun Samurai: …I admit, I did more than that. I had full on lols.

Otaku Andrain: “Notice: It came earlier then expected” Followed by a double Identical Tsukomi. I don’t know how they do things in Osaka but if that’s funny to them I’d fit in great there!

Cajun Samurai: Osaka seems to be the place to be in anime.

Otaku Andrain: They’re just the Capital of Comedy…And Takoyaki…And other great food

Osaka and Yukari from the "Azumanga Daioh" Mini-MovieCajun Samurai: And “Osaka”.

Otaku Andrain: But yeah, great group shot. I had forgotten Mrs. Hagimura was as degenerate as the rest of the adults in this program

Cajun Samurai: Nobody in this show is safe. Well, except our straight guy/girl.

Otaku Andrain: Why they traded her for Oumi-chan for the moment we were all waiting for… girls you mean… Toki is a Tsukomi too…But yes, finally the moment we were all waiting on!

Cajun Samurai: Ousai Academy Student Council Rules: Article 2 [appropriately enough] Paragraph 1!

…and if you think I’m gonna repeat it here, you’re as crazy as a fox.

Otaku Andrain: I was gonna say…In any case the new OP is even more High energy then the old one!

Cajun Samurai: Oh yeah, I’m really loving it! Question for you, good sir, is this done by our female lead characters?

Otaku Andrain: I don’t have the Single data yet but judging on voices, that’s a 95% chance. Hata’s photos were the best…

Cajun Samurai: As always! I aspire to be as good a photographer as her…

Otaku Andrain: There are better photographers then her! [::Manzai Chop::]

Cajun Samurai: Hai, hai! But I gotta take my inspiration where I can!

Otaku Andrain: So after the happy Opening, which Tsuda-kun has lost all dignity, we finally get back to normal.

Cajun Samurai: Or as “normal” as this show gets.

Otaku Andrain: They REALLY pile it on though in the first few skits

Cajun Samurai: Yeah. And part of me really respects SYD for doing this–I mean, they know what the viewers came here to see–or rather, hear, and they are quick to give it to us…so to speak.

Otaku Andrain: And Frankly, this series takes a serious stance on one of the most important issues to Japan.

Cajun Samurai: Indeed. Birth Rate is quite important to Aria…

Excuse me, But I happen to be an expert on this Subject!Otaku Andrain: It’s a really serious problem and is only getting worse. For example, did you know that a survey of the Japan Family Planning Association found that in 2013 45% of all Japanese women 16-24 were not interested in or completely hated the idea of physical intimacy?!

Cajun Samurai: Come again!? You’re kidding!

Otaku Andrain: No, I’m completely serious. Of course, programs like this don’t help matters much…

Cajun Samurai: Nope. I would say not. It’s amusing to US though!

Otaku Andrain: Indeed! Source on this if you’re interested will be on the bottom of this post.

Cajun Samurai: So, after Aria expresses her concern about the state of Japanese bedroom matters, we move on to…

Otaku Andrain: Shino really awkwardly, asking Tsuda if he has a girlfriend!

Cajun Samurai: Yeah, that kinda came out of nowhere.

Otaku Andrain: Though the sudden appearance of the most important stakeholders, Sister in law, Paparazzi and Disciplinary Committee head was perfect. The next skit is a running joke in the OVAs. They really turned the heat up on it though.

Cajun Samurai: Yeah. Once again, this show holds nothing back…the squid…wow…

1389072988530Otaku Andrain: And finally! We have Judo Girl being Judo Girl! A welcome change!

Cajun Samurai: Yeah! For a while, I forgot she actually played Judo! And poor Tsuda and Suzu…no matter how hard they try, they just can’t keep up with the rapid fire lewdness…

Otaku Andrain: There are simply so many things they need to Tsukomi. I feel for them.
Also, the Voice work in Toki’s VA was absolutely brilliant I wish to highlight that.

Cajun Samurai: Indeed. She really put on a great show.

Otaku Andrain:
As our Third/Kotomi’s personal Tsukomi and a popular character we’re probably gonna see a lot of her and that’s a good thing. Now this final scene… Second to Final scene… I mean… the final scene… I got no words for…

Cajun Samurai: Yeah…perhaps that’s for the best. The electronics club…boy lemme tell you, I took electronics class in school and…Well…nothing like that.

Otaku Andrain: So yeah, the first episode had me go “wow”, had me go silent, and had me laugh my bum off! A very successful start to the New Year!

Cajun Samurai: Indeed. If first episodes are anything to go by, Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 2 promises to be as good if not better than its predecessor, and as perverted if not more perverted than it’s predecessor as well!

Cajun Samurai: Well, that’s it for our tag-team first impression of SYD Season 2! Oh, before I forget, I saw where you came up with your own review scoring scale…

Otaku Andrain: I just modified a little bit… I thought it’d create more accurate scores in the end

Seitokai.Yakuindomo.full.278247Cajun Samurai: Indeed. I think it’s a great idea–so much so, that I think we should use it for ALL reviews this year! What do you think?

Otaku Andrain: Well that’s fine with me as long as everyone realizes adaptation doesn’t always apply.

Cajun Samurai: Yeah, and in those cases, we can just modify or redistribute the points as needed. It’s a bit to work out, but I really think the addition of the “Approachability” score is a good one!

Otaku Andrain: Good, Good.

Cajun Samurai: Alright, so that’s it for our New Years tag-team review! I’m Cajun Samurai…

Otaku Andrain: And I’m Otaku Andrain, Let’s make this a great new year!


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