The Best of 2013: “Best Blog Reviewed Anime”

For the last time this year…Greetings Everyone, Samurai Here, and we’ve come to the end of our look back at the best of the year that was 2013! As usual, we save the best for last: the best reviewed anime on this blog in the last 12 months! Pretty much, this is a show that, out of all the ones I’ve reviewed, I completely and utterly enjoyed. Even though the score might not be perfect, this show or movie still rocked my socks enough to be my favorite. Which one did I pick? Find out after the break.

Mikoto Urabe and Akira Tsubaki from "Mysterious Girlfriend X"Best Blog Reviewed Anime: Mysterious Girlfriend X

This was one review that I wanted to write up for the longest time, and I think it’s one of the best ones I’ve written this year! I mean, when you’re given a show like this one, the only thing you can do is just write about it and laugh the whole time. I mean, the overall premise is simple enough, but the binding agent, the drool, is one of the most shudder inducing “it factor” things I think I’ve ever seen in an anime. But as I mentioned in my review, on some weird level, it actually works! The drool plays a central part to the relationship between our two lead characters, but it’s never really harped on that much–the focus more or less stays on Tsubaki and Urabe and how their relationship forms within the restrictions set by Urabe and with the bond of drool. Add to that a great dub helmed by Chris Ayres, and you have a show that was as much a pleasure for me to watch as it was to write up a review for.

The Main Cast of "A Bridge to the Starry Skies"Runner Up: A Bridge to the Starry Skies 

Shouta-bro aside, A Bridge to the Starry Skies was one of the most amusing shows I’ve reviewed this year. The animation is knock-your-socks-off dazzling and the characters are adorable. Granted this is just your everyday run-of-the-mill harem, there was something special that stuck out about this show that really made me like it over many other harems out there.

And that’s it ladies and gentlemen! The Best of the Best of the Year that was in 2013 right at the end of 2013! I hope you guys enjoyed our little recap, and I hope you continue to provide us with your prodigious support in the coming year! ::bows deeply:: Happy New Year everyone!


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