The Best of 2013: “Best Anime Ending Theme”

Cajun Samurai here again and we have to complete the musical awesome sandwich with the Best Anime Ending Theme of 2013! In cace you’re late to the party, we’ve already awarded “Best Anime Opening” to “Mōsō★Kōkan Nikki” [Delusion★Exchange Diary]  by  Otome Shintō from Good Job Club. Now lets see who brings up the front of the rear with the Best Anime Ending Theme of 2013!

Kirara.Bernstein.full.1441705Best Anime Ending Theme of 2013: “Purely Sky ~Watashi Dake no Sora~” by Kirara Bernstein [From Good Job Club]

There are several ending themes to Good Job Club, but this one, featuring our favorite feline student takes the cake for me. I mean, not only is Kirara just the most adorable anime character to grace a screen this last year, and not only is the song happy and bubbly, but the fact that Kirara is accompanied by several seemingly well trained cats, dancing in a complex routine is nothing short of amazing.


underwater-vivid-nagi-no-asukara-06-720p-7a5c7a55-mkv_snapshot_23-20_2013-12-10_22-48-08Runner Up: “Aqua Terrarium” by Nagi Yanagi [From Nagi no Asukara]

This otherworldly, dark, almost sad sounding ending theme is the perfect cap to each episode of this show. Not to mention the imagery…it sets up what happens in the first half of this story almost perfectly. I can’t say too much more about it–it’s so pretty and so well animated, that as an Ending Theme, it’s about as close to perfection as you can get.


One thought on “The Best of 2013: “Best Anime Ending Theme”

  1. I’m totally agree with this. The ending made me feels si many things around the characters and their devotion for the ones that they love. The second ending is not bad also, I fell in love with Manaka who’s portrayed in both endings.
    My personal favorite for the 2013 winter season. 😊

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