The Best of 2013: “Best Female Anime Character”

Samurai here on this last day of 2013 counting down the best of the year that was! We only have a few more hours left in this year, so let’s get all our 2013 business out the way so we can enter into 2014 with a clean slate! Up next, we’re going to look back and see who exactly was the best anime female in the last 12 months. Who rocked my socks and rolled my soul to no end? Let’s find out, right after the break.  

1364811291971Best Female Anime Character: Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

Hands down, out of all the different anime females I’ve seen this year, I’ve been the most impressed with Maka. I know she didn’t make her premiere in 2013, but she did appear in Soul Eater which premiered on Toonami this year, so she still counts! Besides, out of all the females on the Toonami lineup, she’s one of the only ones that seem reasonably competent in her fighting, intelligence and overall USEFULNESS. I’m looking right at you, Sakura from Naruto. You are about as useless as a solar powered flashlight to a blind man. At least Maka knows how to expertly wield her man…err..weapon, and can hold her own in a good fight without endless flashbacks. Also, unlike Sakura, Maka doesn’t find a perverse desire to state the blindingly obvious at every turn or completely diss the male lead just because she feels like it. In short, Maka is the kind of girl that I would want my daughter to be if I had one.

sword_art_online_by_sandwich_kun-d5zsnccRunner Up: Asuna Yūki from Sword Art Online

Granted baby girl did get a bit of a downgrade from butt-kicking female lead to damsel-in-distress in the second season of the show, the fact remains that for most of the first half of SAO, Asuna was, hands down, one of the most awesome female lead characters of the last year. She was a girl who knew where she was going in the world of the game, and she wielded her power expertly and efficiently, every bit of Kirito’s equal. Even when she became Kirito’s waifu, Asuna proved that she was still awesome and still had the moves that made fanboys drool while showing her more sensitive maternal side when she “adopted” Yui. Were it not for the second half transformation which saw our female lead get the Princess Peach treatment, Asuna would easily make top marks. But alas, our sandwich-making sword wielder gets runner up.

Okey-dokey! That’s it for best female anime character of 2013! Coming up next, we take a look at the best male anime character of the last 12 months! Stick around!



2 thoughts on “The Best of 2013: “Best Female Anime Character”

  1. Asuna is a terrific character! I wish they would have made more use of her in the second season – it was a bit of waste, similar to how Rukia went to the wayside in the Soul Society arc of Bleach.

    1. Yeah, she had a lot of potential, but in the end, she just wound up being just another damsel in distress for our male lead to rush in and save. Pitty, but her moments of awesomeness didn’t get unnoticed by me.

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