The Best of 2013: “Best Female Voice Actress – Japanese”

Cajun Samurai here again guiding you through my picks of the Best of the Best of the year that was 2013. Our last pair of superlatives had us check out the male voice actors of the last twelve months. Now it’s time to check out the female side of the anime voice acting equation, and hitch a ride back to Japan [Gotta love the company credit card…] to check out the best Japanese female voice actress of 2013!


Sky (album)

Best Female Voice Actress (Japanese):  Yui Horie

When it comes to female voice actresses this year, you can’t get too much better than Yui Horie. Whenever she gets into a project, you can always anticipate that she give you a great opening theme song, a great closing theme song, and put on a great performance as a female lead. And I have to admit, her work  in Golden Time as Koko Kaga and as the performer of the opening and closing theme is more than enough to give her this award. [And before you ask, no, TWWK did not pay me off to give her this award…even though he is a giant Yui Horie fanboy].



Runner Up: Kotori Koiwai

This actress hasn’t been in much this year, but her portrayal of the absolute cutie-pie Renge Miyauchi in Non Non Biyori just melted my little heart. I swear, I don’t know who is cuter, her or Rin from Usagi Drop. My heart can’t take all this cuteness.



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