The Best of 2013: “Best Male Voice Actor – Japanese”

Cajun Samurai here again folks, continuing our countdown of the best of the year that was 2012! If you’re just joining us, we went through season by season and picked the best anime of each, and we awarded Best Televised anime to One Piece. Let’s keep the awards flowing and head over to the Land of the Rising Sun to find the best male Japanese Voice Actor for 2013!

25561Best Male Voice Actor (Japanese): Kenji Akabane

As you guys are already aware, I am not Japanese, and what little I know of the language would be enough to make a grade school kid laugh hysterically. However, acting is pretty much universal–you know when something sounds right, even though you might not know the language being spoken. This is the case with Kenji Akabane. His portrayal of Akira Soma, the over the top, ambitious leader of the titular Megane-bu is all kinds of awesome, and for me, was the performance of the year.






1386888992864Runner Up: Makoto Furukawa

This is the voice actor for Tada Banri, the male lead in the Winter 2013 anime Golden Time. Why did I pick him, you might ask? One reason and one reason only. It’s the moment in this picture. The acting in this one scene is SPECTACULAR. Not saying all the rest of his performance as Epic Bro Tada Banri isn’t equally good, but this one was up and over the top.


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