The Best of 2013: “Best Male Voice Actor – English”

Cajun Samurai back again guys! We’re still checking out some of the best of the year that was 2013! In our last time out, we looked at the best Male Voice Actor in Japan for this past year. Now it’s time to head on back home and check out who I picked as the best Male Voice Actor in the good ol’ U.S of A! So lets break into the actors studio and pull out a winner!

Best Male Voice Actor (English):  Johnny Yong Bosch

Kaneda, Vash the Stampede, Lelouch Lamperouge, Itsuki Koizumi. The list goes on. We know the man can act…and act well. He’s one of the most well known anime voice actors around. But the primary reason why this former Power Ranger gets the nod is because of his ABSOLUTELY PRODIGIOUS performance at MechaCon 9 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Seriously, it was the first time I heard/seen him in person, and I was not disappointed at all. He rocked my socks, and that doesn’t happen easily. In addition, I introduced my mom to Eureka Seven earlier this year, and when I showed her the picture of Renton’s V/A, my mom said “he looks like a very decent guy.” Who am I to argue with mom?

mccoy_and_kirk-630x400Runner Up: Chuck Huber

My runner up nod goes to Mr. Huber because, not only did he put on an awesome performance as Dr. Stein in the anime Soul Eater, but he also, for a small time, played Dr. Leonard McCoy in “Star Trek Continues”…and played it well…REALLY well…


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