The Best of 2013: “Best Fall 2013 Anime”

Hey guys! Cajun here, and it’s time once again to look back at the lucky year that was 2013 and check out the best of the best in the world of anime! If I remember right, in our last posts, Good Job Club [GJ-Bu] snagged the Winter 2013 season, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet conjectured it’s way to the top of the Spring 2013 list, and Silver Spoon reaped what it’s sewn with top honors in the Summer 2013 category! To wrap things up, let’s take a look at our most recently ended anime series–Fall 2013!

The Main Cast of "Nagi no Asukara"
The Main Cast of “Nagi no Asukara”

Best Overall Anime of Fall 2013: Nagi no Asukara 

Okay, this anime actually just finished up it’s first season yesterday, so I can now say with 100% confidence that this one show really is the best of the season. I can also say with 100% honesty that all my hostile feelings towards the male lead, Hikari, are all but eliminated! The little guy really comes around over the course of 13 episodes. He goes through so much, and at several key moments, I really and truly felt sorry for our little kid of the sea. In fact, it’s kind of hard not to fall in love with or relate to at least one character in this series–there’s just so much bubbling emotion [pun intended…hee hee….] that makes you want to come back again and again each week to see how it plays out.  And don’t get me started with the animation. This show is downright beautiful. The colors, the use of light, the details–everything is just so dawg gone perfect, it’s like watching an aquarium with human fish.



1385682415830Runner Up: Golden Time

I know TWWK over at “Beneath the Tangles” will give me a very polite hard time for what I’m about to say, after all, he’s about the biggest Yui Horie fan I know, but dawg gone it, I’m gonna say it anyway. I CANNOT STAND THE OP AND ED FOR THIS SHOW. There. I said it. I know, I’m an awful person and I deserve to be blackballed, but dawg gone it I had to say it–those songs are so tooth achingly bubbly and sweet, and the animation, while done well, is equally annoying and bubbly. Ugh…”Sweet & Sweet Cherry”? Really? Someone call the dentist ’cause the cavities are coming in. But, once you get past that sugar and honey sweet sandwich, you get a very funny, very dramatic story. Does it get heavy handed at times with the drama? Yes. But on the whole, Golden Time is a very decent show and worth following if for no other reason than the scene above. Tada Banri is a bro. A good bro. And Golden Time is a good show. Just skip the opening and closings. You’ll thank me for this.


And so, that’s it! The best anime of the last four seasons! Not a bad list, no? But we aren’t ANYWHERE near done yet! We still have more to cover! Coming up next–the best anime of the small screen–“Best Televised Anime of 2013”!


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