The Best of 2013: “Best Winter 2013 Anime”

Hey guys! Cajun here, and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! It’s time once again to look back at the lucky year that was 2013 and check out the best of the best in the world of anime! That’s right! It’s time for our yearly “Best Of 2013” Retrospective!!

Up first, we’re going to take a look at the “Best Overall Anime”…from the Winter 2013 season. That’s right, we’re going to break it down season by season and give you guys what we think are our picks for the best anime of the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall seasons along with our typical runners up. Why? Because we love you and can’t give you all cookies and milk and hugs over the internet [well, we could, but I think it’s illegal in a couple states…]

[Disclaimer: Please note that these are simply OUR picks for what was awesome this past year. The choices we make  for better or worse, may or may not follow mainstream line of thinking, so please don’t think it a snub if you don’t see your favorite “thing” mentioned in this look-back! These are just our own opinions. Cool? Cool.]

So, that out the way, here’s my pick for the best anime of the Winter 2013 anime season!

The main cast of "Good Job Club" or "GJ-BU"
The main cast of “Good Job Club” or “GJ-BU”

Best Overall Anime of Winter 2013: Good Job Club [GJ-Bu]

Sometimes it’s the shows about nothing where nothing really happens that shines the brightest and makes you laugh the hardest and has the most heart. Azumanga Daioh did it, Lucky Star did it, Nichijou did it and heck, even Nichi-Bros [Daily Lives of High School Boys] did it in their own special way. This year, we can officially add Good Job Club to that illustrious and quirky list. This show follows the members of the aforementioned “Good Job Club” who…well…they do things at their own pace….their own slow, methodical pace. Whether it’s exploring the awesomeness that is “Ore-Man”, playing random games of “Doctor” [COMPLETELY INNOCENT…] or just sitting underneath the kotatsu on a cold winter day letting long-suffering lone-male club member Kyouya brush any one of the odd-ball yet lovable female club members’ hair [Something that they take immense pleasure in…hey, whatever floats your boat…], the GJ-Bu knows how to have a good time and, if you’ll  pardon the obvious play on words, they do a good job at it.

The title character of "Kotura-San"
The title character of “Kotura-San”

Runner Up: Kotura-San

I think this was one show that didn’t get that much attention during it’s run, and it’s a crying shame. This story of a high school girl who has the ability to read the minds of those around her  is a good combination of drama, comedy, romance, and slice of life, all bundled around this theme of the supernatural. Granted, there were a few episodes that were downright predictable, and this anime does follow some of the same tropes like the “Getting Sick” episode or the “Going to the Hot Springs” episode, but overall, Kotura-San gave me a quite a bit of enjoyment.

Coming up next–it’s time to thaw out and take a nap under the cherry blossoms as we take a look at the best of Spring 2013!

4 thoughts on “The Best of 2013: “Best Winter 2013 Anime”

  1. My opinions?! Fine, I’ll give you GJ-bu but any show coming before the grand Finale of the High Orbit Falcon Punch of Friendship better be AWFUL freaking good! Don’t go throwing around this is my opinion.

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