Breaking News: Kokoro Connect English Dub Cast and Release Date Announced



Hey guys, Samurai here, coming to you from my local barbershop with some Breaking news… And no, before you ask, the breaking news is not that I’m getting my ears lowered. I just read on the Sentai Filmworks Facebook page that Kokoro Connect has finally announced a cast list for its English Dub and a release date. As you can see above, the DVD/Blu-ray is scheduled to come out on October 22nd, though you can pre-order the series from Right Stuf website.

At the helm for this project is veteran actor/director Chris Ayres. As I noted in my Mysterious Girlfriend X review, his overall rating in shows that I’ve reviewed that he’s been in charge of has been a healthy 96%, so I have no doubt that he can put together a bang-up production as far as the English track is concerned.  The rest of the cast list is listed above, but for all accounts it looks like your standard Sentai Players. Much like Sean Payton has Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham on the Saints gridiron, Chris Ayres is has older [or is it younger?] brother Greg and Monica Rial as the main leads to bring about a successful production. [Wait…did I just make another anime/Football tie-in? Whoa…]All in all, it looks like a solid cast indeed. However, as per usual, the end results will tell all, so look out for a reaction post and a complete review on this one in the coming weeks.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got to hit the barber chair for my bi-weekly awesomeness adjustment.

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