Musings From Inside a Swanky Hotel…

Mana Aida/Cure Heart

You know I feels like I’m a bit like those hard working part-timers. In any case I am in no condition to watch the anime I’m supposed to be watching. Can’t be helped Nichijou is a weird series one that at times can put me to sleep and that’d be bad at work. It’s a big hit or miss with me… In any case, tonight I’d like to talk about something I witnessed before coming to work today. No the one I watched after Precure this week. By the way is Aida Mana your lord and savior yet? What?! that was a joke! Kinda… If you haven’t watched Doki Doki Precure yet. I highly suggest you give it a shot. You might just like it.

I’m talking about the latest ep of Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. Is anyone else out there watching this? No, well that’s ok, basically, it’s a little girl show about these young ladies who become idols through an art form called a Prism Show. It basically involves them singing and dancing on Ice-skates climaxing in a “Prism Jump” a individualized slap to the face of physics. The original series Aurora Dream is regarded highly with me (Outside the panstu on head retarded ending.) The second series Dear My Future is currently being subbed by the good people at Kiteseeker subs and had one of the most hilarious introductions in anime. I can’t wait to see where that series goes. As for the current running Rainbow Live… I’m thanking Kami-sama that… this is an anime for little girls. Otherwise it getting real the way it did this week would have me ready to pull out a black suit.


Meet Beru, in any other genre, she’d be dead right now. She will probably either jump off a bridge or slash herself to pieces. This young lady got broke… HARD, not just hard but I mean Suicide Watch in a mental ward BROKE. I’m watching a show for little girls. I’m NOT HERE FOR MIND BREAKING! Gezz now I can’t wait for next week. I don’t know how she’s gonna get fixed. As anyone who studied any psychology at ALL I’m not going to like the conclusion of this. This is a little beyond FREINDSHIP POWA and I think is setting a pretty dangerous example for little girls. The girl needs some professional help.

In other news, I’m also watching the highly regarded Inazuma Eleven. Other then the obvious questions arising from how the plot works… It’s obviously an excellent hot blooded sports anime. I’m half way through the first series and am greatly enjoying it. It has great music tracks too.



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