Vic Sells his iPhone 4s on eBay [And Why I Think You SHOULDN’T Buy It…] and My Lessons Learned at MechaCon 9 [UPDATED 9/10/2013]

The Phone Now Up for Sale...break out the Credit Cards!Hey guys, Samurai here again! Remember some time ago when veteran voice actor Vic Mignogna decided to sell his iPhone 4 on ebay to the richest and stupidest fangirl highest bidder? Well, he’s at it again! More after the break.

The famous, and often time infamous, voice actor has now posted his iPhone 4s, the second-to-last device released by Apple, on the auction block to the masses to bid on. In addition to the device and a travel car charger, the successful bidder will also get a special case featuring a collage of all the different characters Vic has played. At the time of this printing, 27 bids have been made, and the current price to beat is at $88 with the auction scheduled to end on September 7, 2013. The curiosity gene runs strong with me, so I’ll follow this auction to it’s end just to see how much people will be willing to pay for this model of Mignogna mobility.

If you are tempted to possibly bid on this device, allow me to share some knowledge, gleaned from my experience in the industry plus my own personal experiences. A lot of what I say might be harsh, but trust me, you will be way better off in the long run taking my advise.

Excuse me, But I happen to be an expert on this Subject!Let’s start with the harsh truth. If you pay anything over $100, you’re throwing your money away, and upon looking at the current bidding price as this goes to press, it looks like the price will meet that mark before the end of the DAY. Why? Well, let’s look at the facts:

  • This phone is USED. While yes, I will grant that Apple products are premium and robust and can last a long time, the fact of the matter remains is that this is a used device with wear and tear. As we all know, brand new devices depreciate the second you turn them on. And seeing as how this phone was released in 2011, it’s kind of on the old side on the cell phone scale.
  • This device is one [Soon to be 2] generations behind the loop. Anyone who has ever owned an Apple Device knows how important this fact is. Apple tends to abandon support for later products in favor of newer ones. With the new iPhone [or iPhones] scheduled to come out in a matter of WEEKS, buying an older device that, chances are, Apple will no longer support with updates, is a little risky.
  • You Can Buy the Same Exact Phone for WAY Cheaper [Specialty Case Aside] With the introduction of the new iOS Devices coming along, the major cell phone providers [AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Etc…] will no doubt mark down the price of their existing iPhones, including the still relevant iPhone 5, to rather attractable prices. If history repeats itself, Vic’s phone will bring in over a THOUSAND bucks. Unless you are such a humongous fan of Vic’s that you just absolutely have to have this phone that he personally used with the nice anime case that you could probably buy at your local anime convention, it doesn’t  make sense to buy the phone from him on eBay when you could buy the iPhone 4s or, even better, the iPhone 5, for much cheaper.

Ah'm Keepin' me Money!!

So, yeah, if you feel that you ABSOLUTELY have to have this phone and if you have the money to put up a good fight, and you don’t mind getting a phone that’s two [soon to be three] generations behind, then by all means, go forth and good luck to you. As for me…

WE HAVE AN UPDATE!! See the blue text below!!

Speaking of spending money [somewhat foolishly], this past Saturday, I went to my first “real” anime convention: MechaCon 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. I had an amazing time there and met some nice people, though I have to admit it was very overwhelming being in one spot with that many people at one given time…the majority of which in random cosplay. It was quite amusing to be among my own kind for the day, and during that time, I learned many lessons:

  • Get There Early – Can’t emphasize this enough. Get there as early as humanly and comfortably as possible…ESPECIALLY if you plan on registering at the door and ESPECIALLY if you are parking at the site of the convention. Parking spots will be at a premium, especially if they’re at a hotel because you have the hotel guests to contend with as well as the convention goers and the registration lines will be long and filled with people just like you waiting. I went with my friend, Hardy, and it took about 30 minutes to park [after parking 15 levels UP], 10 minutes to get downstairs to the Convention floor, and another 30 minutes to stand in line and register. So in all, we wasted an entire hour just getting settled in. But it wasn’t all that bad…we met some nice people while waiting in line, and it gave us a chance to gameplan where we were going to go.
  • My Bounty From MechaCon 9Plan to spend at least $100. Trust the word of a semi tightwad; once you step foot in the various dealer rooms, you will want to buy just about everything you see. I know that happened with me. Crazy thing is, I was buying things that I KNEW I could probably get cheaper somewhere else, but when you are in that fast paced, energetic environment with a well meaning yet encouraging friend who will put that bug of temptation in your ear, spontaneous purchases are all but assured. And what’s worse, with different retailers are now accepting Credit/Debit cards using Square, your spending has the potential to get out of control. So plan to splurge, but practice sales resistance. For the most part, I’m proud of myself that I didn’t go completely off the reservation with regards to my purchases. There was this awesome katana that I was tempted to get…but that temptation quickly fled when I saw the $100 price tag. I did permit myself to be photographed with said katana, however. One thing I noticed in the dealer rooms was the fact that a lot of the retailers, especially those selling DVD’s, had the same stuff. One stall had DVD’s for one price, the other for a little less. So be a savy shopper and look around!
  • Get Your Money’s Worth; Visit The Panels – You’d be surprised at who you might meet and what they have to say at the different panels. One panel I went to was about little known anime dubs and was hosted by Jonathan Klein. I even won a rare DVD in a trivia contest after flexing my knowledge of anime V/A’s. Sadly, due to my manic shopping spree, I missed some of the more interesting panels including:
    • Bulk and Skull Comedy Hour – Presented by Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy
    • The Eyeshine Band Is Neato! – Presented by Eyeshine
    • Homestuck 101 – Presented by Vivian Street
    • Voice Acting and the Industry in 2013 – Presented by Greg Weismann, Jonathan Klein, Hynden Walch, Tommy Yune

Which brings me back to my first point; GET THERE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!

  • The Eyeshine Band REALLY IS Neato! – For those of you who don’t know, EyeShine is a rock band headed up by Johnny Bosch based out of California [and if you don’t know who HE has…you obviously haven’t been reading many of my posts…]. Let me tell you, this band is AWESOME! I don’t typically listen to a lot of rock music, but I think I might start! It was amazing seeing these guys rock out on the stage with their fans cheering and waving signs. I honestly never experienced anything quite like it.
  • BatteryIndicatorMake Sure All Electronics are FULLY Charged – Oh yeah, this is vital. Becuause NOTHING sucks worse than having a dead cell phone when you need to get in touch with someone. Towards the end of the night, my friend Hardy and I separated for a while, and he had the parking ticket with him as he was paying the fare for parking. The hour was growing late, and I was ready to head out…as did my cell phone which served multiple duties this day; GPS Device, Convention Booklet, Communicator, and PC remote control. Before the end of the night, my Note II decided enough was enough and powered down leaving me without a means to capture the epicness of the Eyeshine concert, and, most importantly, a means to contact my partner in crime who had the escape ticket to spring Jiro 2 [my Jeep…] from it’s high rise prison. Thankfully, the kind desk clerk at the hotel was nice enough to loan me a charger to allow my Note II to sip it’s Direct Current milkshake. I was then able to contact my friend, who was pleasantly toasty after his exploration of Burbon Street, and we drove off into the night. So, yeah, guys, please make sure that any devices you bring with you are topped up with power before setting out, and check your power levels often. Many smart phones have a “Power Saver” mode which will shut down Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and anything else that drains power, and also close power-sucking apps down when you’re not using them.
  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone–HAVE FUN! – One thing that I really wish I did during my one-day trek through Mecha is the fact that, while I did have fun, in hindsight, I was probably a lot more reserved. I didn’t really explore around as much on my own as I really should’ve. I was more concerned with getting back home before it got real late than relaxing and having a good time. Just remember that an anime convention is a celebration of the fandom that you love, so it’s important to try and relax and have a good time! I’m not saying get completely crazy or anything, just chill out, have fun, meet new people, and just enjoy the experience.

So, yeah, that’s about all I have about my experiences at MechaCon 9. On the whole, I had an AWESOME time, but there are a few things that I regret as I mentioned above. However, it’s all but certain that I will be going to MechaCon 10, which is slated for August 1st – 3rd next year, and I will use my lessons learned to make the most of my time there.

Oh, and before I forget, if you are Twitter savvy, I will be doing a “Snarky Commentary” Session during Toonami’s Feature Presentation of “Evangelion 2.22: You Can (NOT) Advance” tonight! So be sure to follow @CajunSamurai101 for some…interesting…observations on the movie, and the special “Surprise” Toonami has hinted at, which will take place after the movie!

Also, please check out my recent review on Sofa King News of the anime “Silver Spoon”. it goes without saying that this show got a much higher score than…that show…and much less hate mail too.

And one more thing! I’ve decided to pass on my review of “Nichijou” to OtakuAndrain, as he could use a bit of kawaiiness for his 25th birthday. Happy Birthday, bro! As for my next review…I think I’ll take on a show that was recently dubbed and one that I’ve been wanting to tackle since I saw it on CrunchyRoll all those many months ago. You’ve heard of “Nichibros” and “Uchuubros”, this one I’m dubbing “ApolloBros”…yep, I’ll be reviewing the runaway classic..

"Kids on the Slope" Main Cast...Ironically on a Slope.

Sakamichi no Apollon [Kids on the Slope]

The Nobolese Oblige Cell Phone. The large button with the scales is used to contact Juiz. Update: Well, the auction has ended, and the Mignogna-Phone has sold for $635.00 [Not including $15 Shipping & Handling] to some “lucky” bidder. I also feel the need to note that today, Apple announced two new iPhones: the iPhone 5c, which is the same as the iPhone 5, except in different colors, and the premium iPhone 5s which includes a faster processor, better camera features, more internal space, and a fingerprint scanner incorporated into the home button [among other features]. Here’s a price breakdown: 

  • iPhone 5c (NEW)16GB = $99 / 32GB = $199
  • iPhone 5s (NEW)16GB = $199 / 32GB = 299 / 64GB = $399
  • Vic’s iPhone 4s (USED)16GB = $635

So, let’s do some math. For $635, you could buy: 

  • SIX 16GB iPhone5c Phones
  • THREE 32GB iPhone 5c Phones / 16GB iPhone5s Phones
  • TWO 32GB iphone 5s Phones
  • ONE 64GB iPhone 5s Phone with $236 Remaining

And keep in mind that Vic’s phone is USED and currently outdated. Granted, you CAN get the new version of iOS on the device, but STILL, running newer updates on older hardware is almost begging for trouble. New software is designed to run on newer devices.  

The Sisko Facepalms at Your Fail...So, yeah…whoever the lucky bidder is, I’m sorry, but in my humble opinion, you have OVERPAID by leaps and bounds for this device. And before anyone uses the “Oh, but he’s a famous voice actor! I’ll get money for it later on!” I hate to burst your bubble, but, with ALL due respect, Vic Mignogna is no Mel Blanc [the voice of Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck], Walt Disney [the voice/creator of Mickey Mouse], Dan Castellaneta [the voice of Homer Simpson], or Nancy Cartwright [the voice of Bart Simpson] and I doubt he ever will be. He’s just an anime voice actor…and years down the line, I severely doubt that the guys on “Pawn Stars” will be falling over themselves trying to buy Edward Elric’s iPhone. I’m not hating, I’m just saying. 

2 thoughts on “Vic Sells his iPhone 4s on eBay [And Why I Think You SHOULDN’T Buy It…] and My Lessons Learned at MechaCon 9 [UPDATED 9/10/2013]

    1. Might wanna read the update, good sir! Thanks for the support as always! In the back of my mind, as I was writing the review I was thinking “Oh good grief, TWWK is gonna hate me for this one since he interviewed the man last month…” 😛

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