Funimation/Sentai Rescues Several Anime Series from Certain Oblivion!

Hold on, Jet...we're owned by WHO now in the US?!Hey guys, Samurai here again! I’m sorry for the delay with the “Nichibros” review, but I’ve been super busy with a side project that I’ll explain later. But first, I got some news for you guys that broke yesterday. Why didn’t I type it up then and post it as “Breaking News?” Well, because I was busy giving the last episode of Eureka Seven all my feels last night during Toonami and also banging my proverbial head on my proverbial keyboard with my vain attempts to find the Complete Collection for a somewhat reasonable price…stupid ebay…stupid Amazon…But I digress yet again! Funimation Entertainment and Sentai Filmworks, the Montague and Capulet of the US Anime Industry, announced on Saturday at the Otakon anime convention that they will be re-licensing some animated series from the floundering Bandai Entertainment. More after the break.

English: Official logo for FUNimation Entertai...

During their Industry Panel at Otacon Saturday, Funimation Entertainment announced that they have purchased the licenses for several former Bandai Entertainment series, the most notable being the immensely popular Cowboy Bebop which, Funimation announced, will be re-released in Blu-Ray Disk format; a first for the series here in the US. Other titles that Funimation Entertainment re-licensed includes:

Outlaw Star
Escaflowne [This includes the TV Series and the subsequent movie]
My-Otome 0~S.ifr [Uhh…yeah, I don’t get it either…that’s how it’s typed…]
My-Otome Zwei
Tales of the Abyss
Witch Hunter Robin
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Angel Links
Crest of the Stars
Banner of the Stars
Banner of the Stars II
Passage of the Stars – Birth

In addition, Funimation announced that it has licensed all the currently released Fairy Tail anime [current count is up to 175 episodes…have mercy…] and that the DVD release of the popular anime movie Wolf Children will be released to the masses on Blu Ray and DVD on November 12th. Audiences at Otacon were treated to a viewing of the movie after the announcements were made.

Not wanting to be out done or left out of the hot Bandai Anime Licensing action, at its own industry panel, Sentai Filmworks, announced it’s own round of licenses:

Sacred Seven
The Big O
The Big O II
Argento Soma
The Girl Who Leapt Through Space
Infinite Ryvius
Kurokami The Animation
Brain Powered
Overman King Gainer

Gene Starwind from "Outlaw Star"Personally, if you were to ask me who got the better deal out of the two companies, my vote would clearly have to go to Funimation this time around; they got their hands on some great titles that anime nostalgic geeks and new fans would fall over themselves to buy. I mean, come on, OUTLAW-FREAKING-STAR…who DOESN’T remember that show or love it? And don’t get me started with Code Geass. Though, admittedly, I had never sat down to watch the whole series, I can’t deny the impact that it’s had on the anime community since its release. And do I even have to mention Cowboy Bebop? Really? The holy grail of anime now coming in high-definition? That would make any fan drool. Though I am concerned with how the animation will translate over—will it bring out the best or the worst in terms of animation. Sadly, as I don’t foresee myself buying an HDTV or a Blu-Ray player in the near future, I can’t really offer a commentary, but I’m sure many of fans will give their two cents.

Really? They Licensed my SEQUEL but not ME?! This sucks...

That being said, I am severely disappointed in Funimation for not acquiring the seemingly logical anime that just about EVERYONE and their GRANDMOTHER was banking on them getting—Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven. I mean, come on, Funimation! It’s not that hard—you already have the sequel series, Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean under your belt AND you have fans out there, both new and old, who absolutely LOVE the series and would just about pay anything to have their own, fresh, offline copy. PLUS, you just got a fresh crop of spank brand new fans who just came off watching the conclusion this past Saturday on Toonami. What’s the deal? Though, lo
gically one can assume that they will eventually get the series, in my eyes, Funi-kun passed up a golden opportunity to get this series and have it out before Astral Ocean drops in September. The iron is blazing hot, Funimation…you better strike before it cools down again.

The Nichijou Girls Weep At Your Fail...Sentai…Sentai…Sentai…I just don’t know what you were thinking. I mean, come on. You might have pulled off something getting Big O and Big O II, but seriously…Overman King Gainer? S-CRY-ed? Argento Soma? Those just don’t hold up next to Funimation’s pick-ups. Maybe that was all that was left over; like a clearance bin in a store, but seriously, you could’ve just saved that money and gotten some fresh series. Ah well, it’s your money, I guess. But still…While I could forsee many a fan going out of their way to get their hands on Escaflowne or Outlaw Star, I just can’t see anyone jumping up and shouting “Oooh! I gotta get my hands on Overman King Gainer.

Now, for a bit of news on my end. A good friend of mine, whom I used to work with in my offline job [And who, incidentally, is getting into anime herself. Bless her heart…], SFN Logohas a husband who is an editor of this website called “Sofa King News”—an arts and entertainment website that only just recently started writing about anime. He approached me about a position writing reviews and other articles for his anime section, being impressed with my writings. I accepted and wrote up a couple articles on his site, including, ironically, my take on the “Free!” anime. Ugh. In any case, that means I’ll now be pulling double-duty, writing articles here and on “Sofa King News”. Sadly, due to an agreement with Google, I won’t be able to post reviews from that site here, and vice-versa, but I will provide links to articles that I write, so you will be able to read them right along with my articles here.

Nichibros_17.pngNow, I hear your mumbles—”So does that mean you’ll be giving up on “The Cajun Samurai”? My answer is simple: Baka! Of course I won’t! This blog is my first true love, and I’m not going to give it up, come hell or high water. You’re stuck with me whether you like it or not. The only thing that’s changed is that now you get more of me than you can possibly stand! So, I ask that you keep encouraging, praying, sending good karma and all other positive things for Otaku Andrain and I, as we look forward to tomorrow, aim for the highest skies, and cry out in our loudest voices our love for all things anime!

6 thoughts on “Funimation/Sentai Rescues Several Anime Series from Certain Oblivion!

  1. I’m really stoked about FUNimation doing this. I will definitely purchase Outlaw Star. Oh, and you should review Crest/Banner of the Stars. They’re a seriously overlooked series that needs serious promotion.

  2. Hey, congratulations on the new job! More moolah is always good, right? (Although just looking at that first pic in the Free! review makes me feel dirty for some reason. At times like these, I don’t envy your job. xD)

    Hearing about all these new titles that Funimation acquired really made me perk up. Tales of the Abyss, an adaptation of one of my favorite video games of all time, didn’t even get an English dub, so I’m eager to see what Funimation will do with it.

    1. Thanks so much, buddy, but I’m not getting paid for it! While it would be nice…REALLY nice…I’m not getting any extra cash. And, yeah, “Free!” is not an experience I really want to repeat anytime soon…as my scores will attest.

      And I wouldn’t worry TOO much about “Tales of the Abyss” being dubbed; Funimation knows how to put out a great product. Just so long as nobody gets the crazy, insane, “what the hell you smoking” idea to re-dub any of the shows they picked up like “Outlaw Star” or “Bebop”. That would be criminal.

      1. Aw, shucks.
        …That was directed toward the pay thing, not never watching Free! again. I just finished reading you review. It was great, but as I’ve already said on your post, those screencaps had me feeling incredibly filthy.

        Heaven forbid anyone replace the legendary Steve Blum! Funimation isn’t 4kids, they’d never make a mistake like that!

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