Breaking News: “Aria” Voice Actress Chiwa Saito Gets Married

AikaHello everyone, Samurai here, and I got some happy news to relay today! Anime News Network reports that Chiwa Saito, the voice actress for, among other characters, Aika S. Granzchesta from “Aria the Animation/Natural/Origination” has just gotten married. The popular voice actress released this statement through her agency:

I, Chiwa Saito, was blessed with a wonderful fate, and have entered my name into the family register. My partner is a man who works at a regular company, and he is a sincere man who so gentle and kind that I feel that he is almost too good for me. I want to walk along the path of life with him and create a happy family where the smiles never end.

I will continue work with no change whatsoever. I hope to have an even more serious attitude towards the works I participate in, and put my body and soul into acting so all of you will come to love the characters I play. I am still a novice, so I am worried, and I think I will cause a lot of trouble, but I would be very happy if you all would continue to cheer me on as you have up until now.

I give my thanks to all of the people I have been in the care of until now…

I will continue to be in your hands. Thank you.

SAPPY COMMENTS ARE PROHIBITED!!!From all of us here at “The Cajun Samurai”…all two of us, I should say, we wish you all the happiness in the world and hope that you and your beau have many wonderful years together as you sail down life’s canals with–


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