Of Travel and Light Novels

Andrain here! I’m on the road again! NO NOT TO VIRIDIAN CITY I’m going to Palate…. I MEAN HOME! Ugh. American readers… Never go to Pennsylvania on the Fourth of July Weekend without reserving a hotel ahead of time… Dear lord! So as I traveled 2 hours longer then I wanted to today. I needed to rant myself awake. Insert an artificial Anime high so to speak. First of all, to my friends at Tangles I know I’m supposed to do a guest post. To be honest I got a first draft done two weeks ago and I was like. This is stupid and I have to fix it! Really It’s on my computer no joke. You have to keep bothering me. Especially when I’m… well I guess I’m retired from the Navy now so I got time… kinda. Promise it’ll get done! As for this blog I wanted to do an SAO review… You guys won’t make me do that will you? What’s that? best Anime of all time? Really HA! Kirito can’t even do the Marty Stu (term for a MC that’s Overpowered just to have him OP and everyone knows there’s no chance he’ll ever lose it’s like everything goes his way absolutely all the time… unless they want to attempt to develop him, but even then he doesn’t lost all that much.) Right! No Well SAO started as a light novel and I’m sure you all have heard of “My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute” Also known as Oreimo which recently ended in quite a firestorm. Wel you know what, there’s this popular Light Novel. It’s called “The Irregular at the Magic High School.” Not only is this guy a full fledge Gary Stu at a level Kirito can only dream about. He’s also as successful at wooing his sister then the legendary Kousaka Kyosuke! This guy’s Name is Shiba Tatsuya and He’s… Oh wait Season 2 of Symphogear came out… and there’s my Weekly Aikatsu!… Ahem… Stand by I’ll be back in an hour.

Ah…. Where was I? Oh right I was supposed to be mad… crap. Well you can you blame me for not being mad anymore? I mean I just heard a bad ass duet from my favorite VAs: Mizuki Nana-san and Hikasa Youko-san! That was so epic I started fanboying as a reflex! ask the Samurai! I’ll try this again later…

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