Funimation Entertainment Dubs “Wolf Children” and Samurai’s Initial Opinions on “Free!”

Hey guys, Samurai here! I hope you all had an awesome and safe 4th of July. Personally, mine was quite interesting with regards to anime. The dub cast for the animated movie “Wolf Children” was announced on the 4th VIA Facebook/Twitter, and I finally got a look at this new anime everyone’s been talking about called “Free!” More after the break.

On his Facebook and Twitter feeds yesterday, Funimation ADR Actor/Director/Producer Mike McFarland announced the English Language cast for the hugely popular anime movie “Wolf Children”. This movie, created by Studio Madhouse, was released in Japan on July 21st of last year in Japan and has been picked up by Funimation Entertainment. Mike McFarland will also be helming the project as its director. The cast list is as follows:

Colleen Clinkbeard Hana
David Matranga Ookami [Wolfman…]
Jad Saxton Yuki
Micah Solusod Ame
Lara Woodhull Yuki [Young]
Alison Viktorin Ame [Young]
Jason Liebrecht Souhei
Jerry Russell Grandpa Nirasaki

From what I’ve gathered about this particular movie, it’s your typical “Girl-Meets-Boy-That-Happens-To-Be-A-Wolf” storyline. Admittedly, I’ve only seen a few minutes of it, so I can’t offer a full commentary, but from what I have seen, it looks very interesting, and I will certainly keep the funding open so I can check it out when it’s released on DVD.

Now…if you recall sometime back in May, Otaku Andrain gave us a sneak preview of an original anime called “Free!” created by the infamous Kyoto Animation [“KyoAni” for short…]. Their track record goes without saying: “Full Metal Panic”, “Air“, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, “Kanon”, “Lucky Star“, “K-On!“, “Nichijou”….quite a few extremely popular shows have come from their coffers. “Free!” is different, and yesterday, I found out just how different on Crunchyroll. If I could sum up “Free!” in just one sentence, it has to be this; “Bishies in a Pool”. That’s all I pretty much get from this one, guys. Just like “Ouran High School Host Club” was “Bishies in a School” and “The Wallflower” was “Bishies in a Mansion”, “Free!” is simply “Bishies in a Pool”. But, looking at all the hype surrounding this particular Bishounen blowout, there has to be something more to it than that. Part of me finds it hard to believe that people will flock to this show like lemmings just because of a few pretty boys in some…questionable situations. But another part of me, the part that is familiar with the anime fanbase and knows quite a few fangirls…and fanboys know that sometimes all it takes is a little skin and double- entendre and you can have a runway hit before you know it. But, I’m sure there’s something more to it than that. I’m sure there has GOT to be a good story buried somewhere in this show, [of course, I’ve been known to be TOO optimistic in life…heh.] so I’ll follow this one for an episode or two longer. The things I do for my readers. Have a great day!


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