Free! Info and a short commentary.

Andrain here, so I was hanging around the 4chan when I spotted a link… now MANY ANN links on glorious /a/ do not actually exist however… I decided to bite on this one.

Kyoto Animation…. You guys. I admit after the utter failure that was Tamako Market (Like it or not I don’t care that’s not the point of this article it sold like crap) I was a little scared for KyoAni. When I heard about Free! I was like… WHAT?! I can’t believed I underestimated the power of the Fujoshi for an INSTANT. What are the Fujoshi? The Fujoshi are a special kind of anime fan, they are everywhere. Basically they’re Female that see men being homosexual in everything they do. I’m not calling them bad or anything cause I see plenty of men seeing girls being homosexual in everything they do too. It’s equal but I never thought they had this sort of pull over the industry. For Kyoto Animation to make a big budget flick just for them is quite frankly amazing and a testament to their tastes. From the sheer level of hype this thing is getting as an original anime, with no other source material and this sort of a Doujinshi events and every one of us reading this will know it’ll be a success is saying that. I think we’ve found the anime of the year Just by sales numbers. I’m calling it now KyoAni is back and strong. Let’s hope the rest of us don’t drown. This is OtakuAndrain See yuh folks later.


2 thoughts on “Free! Info and a short commentary.

  1. While I like your article, I think you should reference Sena from Ore no Imouto as an example of a Fujoshi. at least, that’s the first person that comes to mind for me…hehehe. I’m also curious about your opinion on Tamako Market. While I disagree with your opinions on them, I’m curious…why do you say it was terrible? Please explain your opinion in more detail if you don’t mind, because I’m curious about it.

    1. Like I said, it did extremely poorly on the most important thing. Sales, Look around the internet, it’s clear that TM is one of the absolute worse selling KyoAni productions. Some people say it barely broke even which is unheard of when talking about the studio who brought the likes of Haruhi, Lucky Star, and many other power players in the industry.

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