A Review of Shugo Chara: A Lesson in how to create the ULTIMATE FAIL

All Kids, have an egg in their souls. The Egg of their Hearts, their would-be selves yet… Unseen.

Well everyone what’s up, later then I expected because well quit frankly I was surprised in a rather horrible way with this series, that well, I pushed the Exterminatus button and dropped it! What’s Exterminatus you ask? Well you see…


Yeah! that! Why would I do that? Well, I’ll have to ask you to read the review, I’m OtakuAndrain protecting Mankind from the Alien, the Mutant, and the The Heretic. This is my review of Shugo Chara!

amu1Hinamori Amu is a “Cool and Spicy” 5th grader at Seiyou Acedemy. Her outfits are totally trendy. She has a ‘Don’t mess with me’ attitude. She even defeated the ENTIRE Soccer Team. The girl is a living legend! Or is she? One’s outer character is very important after all, and sometimes your true self becomes hidden by the rumors and perceptions others have placed on you. Amu-chan is really a quiet and shy girl who feels she can only follow the character others have given to her because she doesn’t want to be hated. At the same time however, this just sets her apart from others. She desperately wishes for the courage to be her true self. The Next day she wakes up to find 3 Eggs in her bed! They hatch to become Ran, Miki, and Su, Amu’s Shugo Charas, who explain to her that they are her would-be selves, the potential sleeping within her. This is a very unique story featuring a very unique heroine (which is a running 4th wall breaking joke in the show.) Amu’s journey to find who she is, the people she meets and helps along the way, and the challenges she and her friends overcome are nothing short of beautiful. The Premise of this itself is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, though I admit in some ways it is much like the much Darker Persona series, it is a story all its own All that said, even though this was a story about elementary schoolers there are SEVERAL plot points that make you ask Why? Why didn’t They… ect.  (22/25).

Warnings and Questionable Content: Sorta, there are moments which will shock some people, however this is a story about children. While unimaginably painful things can and do happen, it isn’t anything to call FCC about.

Characters: Oh boy! Alright ladies and gents. This is gonna be a long one. This series is character driven more so then many others, even the ones I aamuranmikisudialready claimed were character driven. It’s my duty to make them all out properly sooooooo PREPARE TO SCROLL.

Hinamori Amu- Our Heroine, like I said before she’s trapped in a facade. The real her though is a normal bright and cheerful girl that enjoys cute things, she has a kind heart and would do anything for her precious friends. She’s very contemplative though and if she gets to thinking too much she wonders about who she is. Amu’s nature is best embodied by the fact she has a whopping 4 Shugo Chara, 4 equally likely would be selves.

Ran- The first of Amu’s Shugo Chara. Ran carries energy, optimism and a strong will. Her specialty is Sports, but she also loves cheering. She isn’t the brightest of the Shugo Chara but she more then makes up for it in enthusiasm, though she does tend to have a clever tendency to cheer rather then actually help her fellows. She would most likely cause Amu to forget her inhibitions and overcome her shyness to do ridiculous things! Like confess to a guy out of nowhere in a crowded auditorium! Together with Amu, Ran allows for the birth of Amulet Heart. Amu’s main battle form.

Miki- The Second of Amu’s Shugo Chara. Miki is mature, trendy, and artistic. She can be Moody at times. Her specialty is the arts. To be honest she’s most like Amu the way the girl is now. Easilly prone to falling in love, will call ’em as she sees ’em. Miki is the thinker, she makes plans, she designs Amu’s Wardrobe. She does all sorts of important things. She can give Amu unbelievable artistic ability, but it is quite rare as both Miki and Amu would prefer that she try her best at such things by herself or she’ll never reach that artistic potential. Miki calls forth Amulet Spade whose Colorful Canvas is a very impressive defensive ability.

Su- The Third of Amu’s Shugo Chara. Su… is an airhead that has her own unique view of the world and various events. She sees the best in everything and is surprisingly reliable when not being clumsy. Her specialty is in the realm of Home Ec. Cooking, sewing and the like. Compared to Amu. Su seems the most furthest away though Amu does share her kind, seeing the best in everyone nature. Su can grant Amu impressive cooking skills when she wishes. Su can join with Amu to summon Amulet Clover, Amu’s Utility Form whose Remake Honey is essential for repairing, fixing, purifying, an overall all-purpose power.

Dia- The Fourth of Amu’s Shugo Chara. Dia was born much later then the other three. She’s rarely seen, and in fact before her birth Amu loses her!

The Guardians- An organization within the school dedicated to the betterment of the student experience. While they have many functions in school, their main duty is to protect the Heart eggs of the students. Amu-chan occupies the Fifth seat, the Joker.


King’s Chair Hkisekiotori Tadase- The De-facto leader of the Guardians, Tadase is the Bishie. The object of worship for girls everywhere. This young man can get whatever he wants from a woman No problem! Not that he tries mind you. Tadase is a shy and quiet sort though has a pretty large heart. Hes got a rough home life that integral to the plot so it’s hard to explain, but suffice it to say he’s agood kid at heart.

Kiseki- Tadase’s Shugo Chara is the kingly Kiseki. The guy is he king! Leader of the Guardian’s Shugo Chara! What he says goes! Apparently Tadase’s inner self is hellbent on world domination! Tadase reacts rather amusingly when he hears the word ‘Prince,’ becoming maniacal king! The best part is he’s CLEARLY the Prince of the school… muhahahahaa!

Queen’s Chair 1 Fujisaki Nadeshiko- The first of the Queen’s Chairs Nadeshiko is the very model of the Yamato Nadeshiko, the Old Japanese vision of a perfect woman. As an heir to an elite traditional dance style Nadeshiko is absolutely every part a lady… even if she’s a tad bit of a troll. It’s always fun to watch her play with Amu. Amu considers her her best fritemariend and…

Brother Captain! Incoming message from Admiral Ackbar!

Ignore it I already know…

Temari- Nadeshiko’s Shugo Chara is Temari. She’s very much like her partner, actually questionably so. Nadeshiko is very much like her apparent true self… however… Temari holds a little bit f an Anger issue… Remember kids playing with Naganatas while very much traditional for ladies in Japan is STILL unsafe!

Jackdaichi‘s Chair 1 Soma Kukai- Kukai is the sportsman! He’s the star athlete for the Guardians and also provides the spirit and spunk. The Jack holds many important roles in support of the other Guardians like controlling Tadase when he goes crazy, or special training for the Joker. Kukai is bright and spirited and as the oldest of the group is the first to graduate. Still he maintains a presence throughout the story.

Daichi- Kukai’s Shugo chara is very much like him sporty, adventurous, and fun loving, hyper as heck too.pepe

Ace’s Chair Yuiki Yaya- Yaya is the perpetual youngest of the Guardians. Spoiled, lazy, but always trying to make her friends smile. She very much wants to be the baby she’s portrayed though at times she can prove reliable.

Pepe- Yaya’s Shugo Chara, a baby in appearence representing Yaya’s dream of never growing up. Is often used as a Tsukomi against Kiseki. She and Yaoi often cry and throw tantrums together.musachi

Jack’s Chair 2 Sanjo Kairi- Kairi serves as the series’ Inchou, Class Rep. He’s very methodical responsible and is the sort of guy you can count on. Too bad well you’ll see. His role model in life is Myiamoto Musashi, not bad right?

Musashi- Kairi’s Shuo Chara who is as samurai as his name suggests… with glasses! Serves as Kairi’s conscious and well tries to make him grow a little as a person.

Queen’s Chair 2 Mashiro Rima- Replace Nage… Nadeshiko as the Queen’s Chair. Rima is a very taciturn spoiled girl who has had it pretty rough but her extremely cute appearance makes hkusukusuer quite popular with the males. After breaking through her slightly chilly exterior she and Amu become great friends. Her secret love is comedy and she is considered a Goddess of Comedy. She knows the in and outs of jokes and gags.

Kusukusu- Rima’s Shugo Chara is a happy hearted joker that’s always laughing. Definitely the person Rima wants to become one day.

Easter- An Evil corporate organization dedicated to profit and to find the wish giving egg known as the Embryo.


Tsukiyomi Ikuto- He’s a stray cat as stray cats come. Ikuto isn’t very expressive and keeps to himself. He clearly doesn’t seem the type that should be working for Easter though. He’s one of the series main antagonists. His job is to destroy failure corrupted Heart Eggs and the dreams within them.

Yoru- Ikuto’s Shugo Chara, a nekomimi. He’s immature and fun loving and likes to get into trouble and has an excellent affinity with Cats all over.


Hoshina Utau- She serves as Amu’s Rival, an idol, she seems really cold and is MOSTLY a textbook Tsundere, except she goes deredere whenever she’s around her beloved Ikuto… I mean She’ll jump, glomp, tackle, and start making out with him on sight…. Yes she’s in elementary school… Yes her real name is Tsukiyomi Utau what of it? She’s voiced by Mizuki Nana, you all know how much I adore her. This is one of Mizuki-san’s finest roles. Utau’s music is just plain magic and her strength of character is Amazing. She has Two Shugo Charas.

Iru- The first of Utau’s Shugo Charas has a devil Motif. She’s what you’d expect. A little Crude, somewhat rude, and a bit on the mischievous side, however like all Shugo Chara, her Adoration of Utau is clear. Iru is Fiercely loyal to Utau.

Eru- The second has an Angel Motif- Eru… is a character. She’s enamored with the concept of Love and as an Angel has a strong sense of Justice, which obviously conflicts with Utau’s Involvement with the evil Easter. She too is loyal to Utau, but in a different way.


Nikaidou Yuu- The main bad guy, a teacher, who has two faces, one a clumsy and happy appearing persona what loves to mispronounce Amu’s last name. The other a cold and broken man who hates children and dreams above all else? Which of him is the real one and what caused him to take this path?

HOLY WOW So that’s the most important Characters! There are plenty of others who should get a mention but Wow! Now remember this series is over 100 episodes long so this huge cast is justified and you learn a lot about all of them. So on the character front we get a (25/25)

Animation- You know what, this series is colorful. It does Night time well it does day time well, The school is designed with its own charm. The Characters OH DEAR LORD THE CHARACTERS. Amu alone has some of the best reaction faces in Anime. It’s amazing the amount of faces she goes through! Not to mention her outfits. The girl has a near infinite of supply (Provided by Miki) It’s just amazing how much work the animators put into this. I just wish they still kept a budget near the end… I’ll get to it… No points off here though (12.5/12.5)


Music- One of the show’s strongest points. The OPs and the endings with one exception I’ll destroy next… are amazing. Beautifully detailed and each of them tailored to this show. There are too many to name but on top of that we have Plot relevant insert songs by Hoshina Utau. All four of them are GOLDEN! My personal favorite is Heartful Song. (12.5/12.5)

Production-Now excuse me for a few minutes (read weeks)… I need to compose myself for this. Alright it’s done, sorry I finished it off. I know what I said earlier but I didn’t feel like typing ANOTHER intro. I finished it now let us look at the sins of production shall we? First of all this was a Satelight Studios work. They tend to be decent I usually don’t expect this kind of… work from them. The first two seasons were amazing! Like I said before everything I spoke of refers to Shugo Chara! and Shugo Chara! Doki! It’s Shugo Chara Party! where things go batcrap Heretical. So walk with me here, after an emotional ending to Doki! where the main plot from the beginning is resolved completely with a semi ‘huh?’ ending. I was ready to see the last 25 episodes close the series. I start up Episode 1 of Shugo Chara Doki, instead of seeing an opening a gaggle of girls dressed up as Amulet Heart Amulet Spade and Amulet Clover appear on the screen. I check the source of my download again since it’s a group that generally doesn’t include commercials and by that time I hear them speak… and subtitles appear… DEAR GOD! I realize! They added real life idols to my anime!  So They added 3DPD, a 4-Koma style Shugo Chara centered segment and cut my actual anime in half! The OP was absolute garbage! There was no real Ending! The Animation budget was CLEARLY slashed to pieces! And I noticed most of the Voice actors were only working part time since if you were watching it you’d realize the cast felt kind of empty! All the characters who would be there just because were simply not there! Then came the kicker THE WORST OF IT! Notice I said there was only 3 of these lovely Idols. But Amu has 4 Shugo Chara! So… Open audition to find the last one…



But Andrain.. didn’t you say earlier 3D idols weren’t all that bad?



So basically, the entirety of the third series is trying to promote these people. The actual Anime is cut to ribbons. The 4-koma segments while designed differently were ok. In fact most were pretty funny. The storyline of the third season was wrapped up nicely and the Guardians end with a new King and Queen. So the series was given its justice, kinda sortof. Still I will not allow this BS ‘let’s take advantage of a popular series for more profit while undercutting the story’s message’ to pass through silently! Production gets a (5/25.)

Let’s tally up the numbers shall we?

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 19/25
Characters – 25/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 12.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 5/25

Final Score – 74/100 = 74% – (D)

Shugo Chara was a masterpiece and I’m sorry it got the score it did. Well then next time on Andrain’s side of the Caijin Samurai… Apparently SAO finally got over to the states as expected. You people need to know what you’re in for. Sure it’s the… Second I suppose, most popular Anime in Japan right now, and most fair critics simply aren’t sure completely why, so I will take an unbiased and professional look at Sword Art Online. Please look forward to it.


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