My plan for May.

Well Ladies and Gents I have no idea how much longer I’ll be staying with you all. Come the end of May I’ll be on a boat. If it goes anywhere I’ll be gone past Christmas more then likely… SOOOOOO Well first off… I couldn’t finish Kill Me Baby… after trying to watch it the whole way through I know why it failed. Dang I’m just yawning thinking about it. It’s boring and falls into the same 2-3 lines of jokes every single time like clockwork. So as I mentioned in the SYD review and since this is apparently Kid’s month… I am going to TRY key word TRY to watch ALL of Shugo Chara and give a proper review. Take note this is a MASSIVE undertaking. Why? The First series is 51 episodes. The Second 27 and the Third 102! Yeah… That’s a LOT… I mean I’ve seen more of Sailor Moon in a mass marathon but Shugo Chara is a different sort of animal SOOOOO That will be my one and only Kid’s month contribution (Since there’s not yet an Anime for the Amanchu Manga to cover the outdoors). Welp Gonna go start on it. Then sometime in the near future I gotta watch the Rebuild Movies… The Eva fans are cooking up so many amazing theories that I just gotta check them all out for myself. My Sanity will be gone.

For those who are curious if I can make this happen or not. Please check the watching page. I’ll update after every watching session.


2 thoughts on “My plan for May.

    1. OH brother, I tried to do it before. I even got past the Ultimate secret hidden in the show. That moment I SCREAM every time I see that character and I wanna punch something?! WHY DIDN’T I SEE IT COMING?! I’m on 8 so far having just got out of work so… yeah I’m ok for now. Oh yeah keep track of the Watching page to see if I can make it.

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