Gonna be a little (Probably lot) Late

Sorry Emiya Vs Archerguys, new job has kept me a little behind where I wanna be. In order to properly review Fruits Basket I found a full reading of the manga was in order. The anime was lacking in several departments that probably helped give rise to whatever the Samurai was about to wail on. However, as you can see I’m currently in a war for my *Dodges and parries the dual blades* soul. Oh that guy? That’s my Shadow, ask the Samurai for Details HYAH! Damn it! So, yeah apparently a darkness has risen in me and has become a bit too powerful for my liking. It’s Giving me illusions I like something of the REAL world (Well a Fantasy of the real world.) I don’t know if I can win this battle and close this hole in my heart… I might not be the same man after this. With the 2.5D idol shows ending this week I think often of their real life counterparts. You know, they seem pretty cool. I already like their music, shouldn’t I get more? Why not support them and buy some CDs? Wait BUY?! DAMN YOU! THUNDERBOLT CUT! ‘eh?! no Way!


“I Am a Shadow the True Self. Admit it, your heart longs for Idols you can meet. You’re tired of living out of the third dimension and one day you want to see cute girls in real life. After all, I know this because I AM YOU”

emiya-shirou-0121-1NO! YOU’RE NOT ME YOU’LL NEVER BE ME!

D’OH! I wasn’t supposed to say that! Gah! Well folks, I apologize. This final boss will take a while. I hope I come out of this alive… I promise as soon as I resolve this and put my soul together I’ll do my review Promise! It’s going to be a full and thought provoking review Really! Now as for you…
“Position… SET!”
OH IT’S ON! Time to make History Yeah!

2 thoughts on “Gonna be a little (Probably lot) Late

  1. ::sweatdrops:: …you know…I’ve known this guy for quite a long time…and I count him as one of my best friends…But I swear…there are days when I just have to cock my head to one side and say to myself “Self…you know some of the weirdest people…”

    1. Some people have real worries! Idols are mysterious people who live outside the realm of most of our understandings. How they do it in real life is beyond me. I’m quite amused by their personas and I do partially wonder if it’s their true selves or just a facade to make people happy. And if it makes people happy and they like wearing that mask, is it really a mask? Also, it’s completely humorous to watch and read some of this stuff. Girl getting her favorite long hair on fire! One running out a studio crying during taping after eating some really spicy stuff. One who decided her special skill was playing an Air Ocarina! If nothing else it’s interesting to watch them during periods when they aren’t singing.


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