Another Random Rant

rageOtakuAndrain here, you know what causes me to rage EVERYTIME?! Well, other then having a week of my life wasted, that caused me to become angry enough to summon a rant out of thin air as I sit on watch awake at 2 AM just to look forward to going to work at 6:30 once again only to listen to my Veterans affairs benefits for when I’m NOT leaving the Navy… ANYWAY, what causes me to rage EVERYTIME is when they take an otherwise happy show and then go “LOL DRAMAMAMAMAMAMAAMMAAMA!” You know they make up the most crazy dramatic thing they can ruining the atmosphere for the anime for the rest of the series! “But Andrain! If there was no plot then those sorts of anime would condense down to cute girls doing cute things with nothing happening!” Yes and so? That’s GOOD! That’s what I want! I live in the 2D world! I WANT TO BE HAPPY! HAPPY! If you put on a BASIC Idol show and make it about something OTHER then cute idols doing idol things YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! No I’m not saying the Idols who ride mecha while singing taking on the Space Marines who want to stop all music is wrong. That was what I expected in the beginning and if they stopped that I’d be pissed too! I hate the sudden genre shifts turning something into what it is NOT just to add some ‘plot.’ I don’t care if it was originally the intention or not. Let’s see the most obvious form of this was Myself;Yourself.myselfyourself

I’d review it but I’d have to tear it to shreds and THANKFULLY doesn’t fit into any themes this year. Why am I picking on this anime? Well it’s starts as a romantic comedy about this guy moving back to his old town and picking up all those girls he played with when he was a kid except his favorite went all Tsundere on him. Why was she tsundere? Well, she thought he left her alone all those years and held it against him until he decided to reveal, “Oh you were lonely and depressed huh? Well, I was off killing myself…” Yes, that’s exactly what happens at the halfway point of this series. I am NOT making any of it up nor trying to twist the plot to fit this rant. The Romantic comedy was GONE at that moment. THEN SUDDENLY everyone but the best girl were emo nutcases! There was much table flipping! That’s only the grossest use of the attack of the plot I can think of. I wish they could keep their anime what they started. It’s not like they’re going to win any awards with an M. Night Shemalemadingdong style “TWWWWIST!” so they shouldn’t even try. Look at Lucky Star, Look at K-on, Hidamari Sketch, Aria! extremely successful anime that stayed what they were, and damn it they sold like hot cakes. They didn’t try to be something they weren’t and in the end made a boatload of cash! If I want to watch a drama I’ll watch a drama. If I want comedy I’ll turn on the comedy! If I want cute girls doing cute things then keep the emo FAR FAR AWAY! IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT!

What’s next for me? Well I gotta rewatch Fruits Basket. I’ll be reviewing that. Thankfully, the show begins with a hint there’s going to be drama in my Slice of Life, so naturally that one doesn’t apply to this rant. What will I think of a legend like that? Well you’ll have to come back and find out, Ja Ne!

3 thoughts on “Another Random Rant

  1. You know, I don’t remember that series very much, but I do remember kinda liking it. Then again, I like myself some angst and drama in my anime. 😉

    1. To its credit, considering how deep into emo it went (There’s a difference between Drama and Emo…) it did have a reasonable good ending.

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