A Review of Mahoraba: Heartful Days – The One Woman Harem

Mahoraba‘eh what’s that? Adult Swim month is over? Really? What I should do something for Harem month. Did you at least receive ONE message concerned about my well-being? No? Then, ‘eh whatever. If its a rare harem you want I got it in spades. Wait… *Glances over the reviews he’s not been around to read* SAMURAI! I TOLD YOU WHAT I WAS REVIEWING! IT WAS WRITTEN DOWN?! HOW DID YOU STILL GET IT WRONG?! Ugh, Well everyone ahem I’m sorry if you were looking forward to something else but SOMEONE wasn’t on the same page as me. Oh well, Yo everyone Otaku Andrain here coming out of my hole for the time being. I’ve been enjoying Idols, friends, Amataretsu and the Lewd hair-brushing! This has been a fantastic Anime season hasn’t it? Well, in any case, Today, I’m going back in time a little bit to bring you guys a classic. This is the tale of a 1 Woman Harem! So please come with me to the Narutakisou! This is a review of Mahoraba: Heartful Days!

Shiratori Ryuuchi

Warnings and Objectionable content: Alcohol use by people of age, this isn’t the manga. The manga is rated a BIT higher but the anime is good clean fun (They kinda dull it down for TV… A LOT)

Availability: Looks like it’ll be somewhat tough to find. Good luck trying though!

Basic Premise: Shiratori Ryuchi-san is a young man who wants to become a children’s book author! Well gosh darn it what a Kawaii-desu~ dream! To facilitate this his parents have him move into the apartments owned by his mother’s cousin. When he arrives at the Narutakisou, he’s greeted by a beautiful young woman who introduces herself as Aoba Kozue, the landlady.

Well this landlady has a bombshell of a secret. For whatever reason she’s suffering from what us shrink types like to call Dissociative Identity Disorder! That’s right folks! she’s got multiple personalities! Add that to the other crazy residents of the Narutakisou and you’ll soon realize Love Hina’s Hinatasou is a pretty ordinary place.

It’s not full on accurate, real people who suffer this disease lead very tortured lives. That said the symptoms are treated somewhat accurately and humorously. The Author did a little bit of studying it was clear and thus Kozue-san was an excellent case study. (22/25)

Characters: Whoo Nelly! Our heroine has 5 different versions of herself! Each of them are important characters! Add that to the other main characters and the wonderful side characters and we have a tapestry of rich characters making an interesting vibrant world. Tip 1, don’t forget your homework. Tip 2, Be careful not to give Kozue-chan a emotional shock, she’ll change and you might end up with one of the troublesome sides of her. Will I introduce everyone? Nope not this time, too many to go through. I wish Kozue’s other Personas got more facetime, but it’s alright.

The many faces of Aoba Kozume

Let’s see, all and all the characters work pretty well together I think. The Anime didn’t give enough of a backstory to Haibara-san though. (22/25)

Animation: An excellently animated series! Everything is crisp and colorful and the background scenes were well done. The stuff the animation team added, the scenes involving the fairy tale being told were pretty cute in my opinion in the crayon art style. There was some creative license took in places and at least in the animation department it went over especially well. (12.5/12.5)


Music: Well I usually gush on the music… Not this time, the Opening for this series, , I think was way too romantic. This was a comedy about the whole lot of the people at Narutakisou while the romance between Shiratori and Kozue was a big part of the story, it wasn’t all of it and I think the OP was too sappy for this series (Or in general, this was a REALLY Sappy song!) The Ending however, was really really great, , was a great song and I keep playing it in a head. So I really approve of it and it ends each episode really well. (9.5/12.5)

Production: WELLLLLLL Production side now! Let’s see, as I said before the anime featured some very different scenes then the manga. Being only 28 episodes there wasn’t enough to fit the whole manga and I’m good with that. Also there were some substantial editing that needed to be done to make this ok for TV, also I’m good with. As I alluded to in the Animation section there were more things added to it in this production as well which I thought were positives. The ending though was a lot weaker then its manga counterpart which ended everything far more completely. It was a mixed bag I think. Not a bad adaptation by any means but, at the same time, perhaps could have been better too? Even the episode previews jokes were best understood by those who read the manga. One particular positive point that this anime did get right was their creative use of the Manga’s shift to 4-koma style that the anime included. I though that was an awesome touch that fit everything pretty well! Voice work was really good too, as always. It was a good watch the whole way through, most of the issues I had I would never have encountered had I not gone the extra mile and read the manga. I considered this work to be a supplement to the manga, and a really good one. If you liked the series you should find the manga somewhere. (21/25)

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 22/25
Characters – 22/25
Animation –12.5/12.5
Music – 9.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 21/25

Final Score – 87/100 = 87% – (B)

Well where does that leave us? The Mahoraba anime was a great experience. It left a bunch of loose ends though and it wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. From what I can tell personally between the Hidamarisou, the Hinatasou and the Narutakisou the latter would be the coolest place to live (Disregarding the fact the two formers are girls only). The folks at the Narutakisou LOVE TO PAAAAAARTY! Meh, if I ever go to Japan I wanna visit (Fully knowing they don’t exist… Hush!).


Well let’s see… it is March isn’t it? Reverse Harem month… I know… like… 1 that we already covered. I also didn’t get any Chocolates for Vday so White Day pisses me off almost as much as Vday! UGH Gezz Samurai! I know I’m almost a wizard, but the last few years it takes to reach that level hurt you know! Meh whatever, see you guys next time. Maboraho… Damn it Samurai… Even the Internet tells you not to confuse the two series!


Yuno's Pot of Anger Belts You!

[::bows deeply::] My bad guys! I seriously got the two series confused! Andrain did, indeed, tell me what show he was going to review…numerous times  in fact, but what with some new… unfortunate…duties leveled on me at work, plus other random issues, this show got jumbled up in my head with “Maburaho”. Once again, I’m sorry guys! I’ll personally review “Maburaho” at another time…
In my defense, though…SOMEBODY did miss an entire MONTH worth of reviews, during which time they could have made their own next review announcement.

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