Breaking News: “Soul Eater” To Replace “Samurai 7” on Toonami

The Main Cast of "Soul Eater"Good morning guys! Samurai here, with some breaking news that not even Anime News Network has broken yet. It seems as though “Soul Eater” will be replacing “Samurai 7” on the Toonami time-slot effective as of the 16th of February. This news was inadvertently released by TV Guide on their website, much to the chagrin of Jason DeMarco, VP of Strategic Marketing and Promotions for Cartoon Network. More after the break. 

On Saturday-Sunday February 2-3, there was much speculation as to what show would replace “Samurai 7”, which would conclude it’s run on the 9th. While no clues were released as to the identity of the new show, much speculation took place on the major Social Media sites, especially Twitter. However, one ingenious person check the TV Guide’s website. Lo and Behold…



Soul Eater on TV Guide Lineup






Apparently, this news was not supposed to be made public as of yet, as the following tweet from Jason DeMarco confirms the new addition. [Apologies for the language…]

Confirmation Tweet




And so, with that announcement, “Soul Eater”, an anime reviewed on this blog by OtakuAndrain, will make it’s television debut on Toonami as of February 16th. Mark your calender!

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