The Best of 2012: “Best Male Anime Character”

Andrain here, I was given the assignment of delivering the Anime guys. Honestly, this is a no brainer list. There just simply wasn’t many good options this year. Oh well it can’t be helped here I go

Best Anime Male of 2012: Togashi Yuta Aka. Dark Flame Master- Chunnibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Dark Flame MasterDark Flame Master? Really? Yeah that’s what he called himself when he was delusional back in 8th grade. He got better and became a sane person but alas his past would come back to haunt him. THE DARK FLAME MASTA DOESN’T DIE! BREAK REALITY! He’s a kind understanding sort that tries to see both sides of an argument and arguably does the right thing? I dunno, his Anime ended crappy… Still HE IS THE DARK FLAME MASTER!




Best Anime Male of 2012 Runner up: Namba Mutta- Space Brothers

muttaGonna be honest the first and seconds slots are interchangeable. I might even like Mutta better. It was nice having a good smart realistic older guy in not high school entertaining us for once. The guy had an afro, attitude, and didn’t take any crap against his family. I like all that! Here’s a Drink to you Mutta! Enjoy Space!