“The Cajun Samurai” in the Year 2013!

The Cajun Samurai Mascot::bows deeply:: Greetings to you in the year 2013. Samurai here again, getting things started off right for the new year on our humble blog by laying out some ambitious plans for the upcoming year that, hopefully, I’ll be able to pull off! More after the break!

This year, the bulk of my reviews will be inspired by Japanese Holidays. Japan has such a wide variety of holidays and festivals, and I think it would be an awesome idea if the anime series or movies that I review follow along the theme of a major holiday in that month. Of course, not every single month has a major holiday associated with it, so in those cases, I had to rely on my ol’ grey matter upstairs to come up with something special for those months! And just because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll give you guys a 12 month breakdown on what themes will be in place for each month and the holiday that inspired it!

FLCL Characters (And my Actual Wall Scroll!)January – “Put The Kids To Bed And Get Ready To Get Down” Month [This month will be focused on several anime that have graced the Adult Swim lineup over the years.]

February – “I Love You! NO! I Love Him! NO I LOVE HIM MORE!!!” Month [February is the month of love, when girls give the boys of their dreams hand-made chocolates to convey their feelings. Sweet, but what if you have more than ONE girl whose head you’ve turned? This month will look at harem anime; from the sweet to the scary, we will cover the gambit…hopefully.]

March – “Look at Your Man, Now Back to Me, Now Back to Your Man, Now BACK TO ME!” Month [Hello, ladies, it’s your turn now. This month, inspired by the White Day holiday when men give the ladies chocolates, we will focus on reverse harems. That is, one female with many males at her beck and call. I’m on a horse.]

Kill Me Baby CharactersApril – “Are You Kidding Me?!” Month [The order of the day, of course, will be comedy and gag series. Drama takes a back door, as we’ll be looking at shows that make you either cock your head to one side in confusion or grab your stomach in rolling laughter.]

May – “Hey You Kids! Get Off My Lawn!” Month [Inspired by Children’s Day and Greenery Day in Japan, this month we’ll be looking at shows that feature young kids as the series/movie protagonist and look at anime that involve the beauty of nature.]

Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ from "Saint Young Men". I find the T-Shirt Particularly Hillarious.June – Samurai Selection Month [Heh. While I’m not nowhere near special enough to have a holiday centered around myself, this is my birth month, so I think I’ll indulge in reviewing a few series or movies of my own picking. This is freestyle reviewing at it’s finest.]

July – “Sea Fairing Anime That Ain’t Called “One Piece” Month [Inspired by the Marine Day holiday, this one will focus on anime or movies that involve the high seas. And no, before you ask, I’m not going to be reviewing THAT series…it’s too dawg gone long…I have my own lengthy series that I’m going to review that’ll take up the entire month. Guess what it is and you get a free review this month! Seriously!]

August – “There’s No Fighting Allowed In The War Room!” Month [This month, the anniversary of the end of World War II, we look at anime series and movies that involve war and battles. War is a messy business, even in anime, and this month, we’re going to take a long hard look at it.]

September – “But It Looks So Grainy And Old” Month [Based of the “Respect-for-the-Aged Day” holiday, this one will focus on anime and from back in the day drawn the old-fashioned way!]

Ookiku Furikabutte Main CharactersOctober – “Well, TK, That’s Why They Call Them Sweat Socks” Month [Inspired by the “Health and Sports Day” holiday, this month we will be looking at shows that have an overall sports theme. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, kendo or track, if it has sports, we’re in there!]

November – Number Five is Alive!” Month [We’ll be focusing on Live-Action anime movies this time around! It’s a rarity when it happens, but when it does it’s something never to be forgotten…for better or worse. We’ll take a look at some anime that made the leap to the big screen with live actors.]

December – “Move Over, It’s Our Turn Now!” Month [This month, I’ll be giving our dear readers the choice to pick which series or movies we review in this, the last month of the year! Anything goes, so long as I can get my hands on it!]

It’s an ambitious endeavor, but it promises to be very entertaining! In addition, I’m making a personal commitment to update the “Watching Now” Section at the top of the page. It always slips my mind to update it as I type up the review for a series, but this year, I’m gonna make a conscience effort to try to keep it up to date!

Well, with that out the way, I hope the next twelve months will be entertaining to all of you out there, and I hope that you all will continue to frequent our humble little blog for the months to come. With that being said, it’s my pleasure to announce that the first anime that I will review in the year 2013 will be a CLASSIC Adult Swim staple. You simply cannot mention “Adult Swim” without thinking of this one anime…it’s become a staple for fans the world over, and second to Pokemon, it’s one of the most well-known shows in the history of Japanese Animation…

Cowboy Bebop Lineup Picture“Cowboy Bebop”


3 thoughts on ““The Cajun Samurai” in the Year 2013!

    1. Heh. You and me both. This’ll be the first time that I’ll have everything pretty much planned out ahead of time. Normally, I just do a bit of free-handed selections for reviews based around a loose theme of some sort, like “Risembool Rangers” Feburary or “Music March”. I decided to try something different this year to see how it goes!

      1. I like your selections, too – I’m especially looking forward to the sports and sea-themed months. And, okay darnit, I’ll admit it – I wanna read your February posts, too!

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