The Best of 2012: “Best Female Anime Character”

Samurai here again guys still giving you the best of the year that was 2012 and this time around, we’re going to be taking a look at the anime characters that rocked our socks and rolled our souls this past year. Let’s change things up this time though, and award the best female actress of 2012 after the break! 

Mikoto Urabe from "Mysterious Girlfriend X"Best Female Anime Character: Mikoto Urabe from “Mysterious Girlfriend X”

There’s something, if you pardon the obvious wordplay, MYSTERIOUS about Mikoto. Where did she come from? What is this strange power that she has to transmit her feelings through her saliva? What sort of strange magic does she have over Tsubaki? Why are her parents NEVER home? Why does she never seem to want to have any kind of contact with Tsubaki that she doesn’t either authorize or initiate? And the biggest mystery of all–why in the name of all that is good and holy does she keep a pair of scissors tucked away in her underwear? All these add up to this girl being VERY mysterious…Yet it’s that mystery that makes her so very intriguing and very interesting. She’s not your typical tsundere girlfriend that we’ve seen in anime, in fact, one could argue that she’s slightly more tsun-tsun than normal. However,  like all tsundere girls worth their salt, when she shows her cute side, she just melts your heart. You can tell she’s a complex character that has a lot going on that we don’t see on camera, but what we do see always keeps you thinking and guessing. However, in this whole anime year, I can’t really think of any female anime character that has been as interesting as our little Scissor-wielder. 

Eureka as she appears in "Eureka Seven: AO"Runner Up: Eureka Thurston from “Eureka Seven/Eureka Seven: AO” 

There’s something about girls with blue hair that just fascinates me to no end, and Eureka is no exception. In “E7”, we watched her in her daily life, watch that daily life get shattered as she had a chance encounter with a scub coral, and then watch her “rebirth” as a person. Then “Eureka Seven: AO” Comes along and we get a new Eureka…a more mature, warm, motherly Eureka…that’s also a freaking troll. Why I say “Troll”? Well, what else do you call a person who leads us on for an entire episode with regards to the baby in her tummy, letting the viewing audience think that the baby is indeed Ao, but at the last-minute, just before she sprouts wings and flies off, she proclaims that the baby she’s carrying isn’t a boy, but a girl?! Wait, WHA?!?! Whatever, in any case, Eureka, troll or no, still rocks my socks, and she’s been rocking them even harder since Toonami decided to rerun the original “Eureka Seven”.

Samurai, Samurai, Samurai, I know these two are your waifus and they’re pretty high tier. Your tastes are sufficient but I gotta depart from your reasoning here. Here I go serving up the facts.

Andrain’s Best Female character of the year: Captain Kato Marika- Moretsu Pirates

marika_kato_8464Duh, Just Duh. It’s been a while but, we’re talking about the best freaking Space Pirate I can imagine. Clever, cute, extremely quick on the uptake. Marika-chan is a girl who belongs in space. She has her moe moments and she has those moments where I just sit in awe of the genius moves she pulls coming up with the more awesome ways to get out of the trouble she’s gotten into! She’s Bright, beautiful, can handle herself, and has a harem male harem MCs can only dream of. She was one of the first girls of the year but she’s the best!

Andrain’s Best Female character of the year Runnerup: Sono Chieri- AKB0048AKB0048_10

It’s hard to classify the AKB0048 members. Other then the Robot who obviously outclasses all of them (For reasons I won’t explain) They are all extremely amazing characters. If you’ve not watched this, come back after Episode 3 and tell me you don’t wanna see more. In any case in my humble opinion the one that rises above is Sono Chieri-san. A girl constantly tortured by the fact it’s her own father that’s the arms dealer supplying their enemies and having to bear the stories of her teammates on her shoulders. She’s got the ‘Cool and Spicy’ Archetype but generally loves her fellows even if she comes off as extremely harsh. I can’t wait to learn more of her story next year!

“Best Space Pirate”?! “Best Space Pirate”?! Good grief…how can you call her the best space pirate when…well…I’ll just leave this here:
Ryoko from the "Tenchi Muyo!" series.

2 thoughts on “The Best of 2012: “Best Female Anime Character”

    1. Of course! OtakuAndrain gave me a hard time earlier when I talked about PUFFY being the best female voice group I ever heard, so I thought it would be only fair that I repay him back in kind. 😛

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