The Best of 2012: “Best Anime Opening Theme”

Slap on the headphones, it’s time to get down! Samurai here again and it’s time to blast some tunes with the Best Anime Opening Theme of 2012! There were a lot of MP3 worthy tunes this last year, but only one song…okay, well, two, made the cut this year. More after the break!

Mutta Getting his Groove on in "Space Brothers"Best Anime Opening Theme of 2012: “Feel So Moon” from “Uchū Kyōdai” [“Space Brothers”]

A psychedelic swirl of light and color featuring a dancing Japanese guy with an afro and a cute little pug set against the hardest rocking song of the last 12 months. What more could you possibly want in an opening theme sequence? Oh, you want colorful crayon drawings coming to life? Got it covered. Oh, and you also want some rockets? Think we can manage that, yes. And you also want to see the main characters of said anime when they were young? Pushy, aren’t we? Well, sure, let’s toss that in. Wait…you want MORE?! Okay, how about I toss in what has to be a catchy, 4-Chan and blogger approved catchphrase for the song title? Satisfied now? Good. Geeze, you have such an insatiable appetite! Even though “Space Brothers” has gone through about two different openings and counting in its ongoing run, it’s “Feel So Moon” by the band UNICORN that stays echoing in my head.

Ao In Shock!Runner Up: “Escape” from “Eureka Seven: AO”

ESCAAAAAAAAAAPE!!! I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself. It’s just so much fun to do! Go ahead, try it. Right now. Take in one deep breath and let it all out! See what I mean? Feel better, no? Good. Much like “Feel so Moon”, “Escape” from the first few episodes of “Eureka Seven: AO” is catchy and upbeat, but it loses points with me because it doesn’t seem quite right for an anime that bears the name “Eureka Seven”. The later OP, “Bravelue” by FLOW goes MUCH better, in my opinion. [And yes, I am well aware that FLOW did the opening theme for the first “Eureka Seven” series…hush.] But “Escape” has its own positive attributes that make it one of my favorites of this past year, so it gets a nod from me. ESCAAAAAAAAAAPE!!! Okay, I’m done now.


Andrain Here, can’t disgree. Though I have to give a special mention to the OP of Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita. This was a song you could really dance to, and let’s face it Watashi-chan is a miracle of the Universe.


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