The Best of 2012: “Best Male Voice Actor – Japanese”

Samurai here again folks, continuing our countdown of the best of the year that was 2012! For those of you just joining us, please remember that these selections are mine alone, so they might not line up with yours. That being said, let’s head over to the Land of the Rising Sun and check out two of the best male Japanese Voice Actors 2012 after the break!

Miyu IrinoBest Male Voice Actor (Japanese): Miyu Irino

Seriously, I  had a VERY hard time picking who I think was the best anime voice actor because, for the most part, the acting this year has all been extremely good. [Or as nearabouts as I can tell, anyway…] However, I finally settled on Miyu Irino for being the best Japanese Actor of this year. His resume is quite extensive, but the roles that cemented his victory this year are:

  • Kimi to Boku (Chizuru Tachibana)
  • Daily Lives of High School Boys as (Tadakuni)
  • Mysterious Girlfriend X (Akira Tsubaki)

Hiroaki HirataRunner Up: Hiroaki Hirata

 His list of credits is rather extensive: he’s played the narrator during the first three seasons of “Digimon Adventure”, and he’s also played the role of Leomon in Season 1 and in “Digimon Tamers”. However, his record for this year isn’t quite as extensive as Irino-san’s, which is why he falls into the Runner Up category. However, his one standout role in this year is the reason why he’s marked as Runner Up. Hirata-san played Mutta Nanba in “Space Brothers” and that alone was all kinds of awesome!


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