The Best of 2012: “Best Female Voice Actress – Japanese”

Okay guys! Last one tonight, I PROMISE! Samurai here again guiding you through my picks of the Best of the Best of the year that was 2012. Our last pair of superlatives had us check out the male voice actors of the last twelve months. Now it’s time to check out the fairer gender, and hitch a ride back to Japan to check out the best Japanese female voice actress of 2012!

Mikoto UrabeBest Female Voice Actress (Japanese):  Ayako Yoshitani

Never heard of her? Well, that’s not unusual. Yoshitani-san is a newcomer to the world of Japanese Anime Voice acting, cutting her teeth on a little project called “Mysterious Girlfriend X”. Yoshitani-san plays the title character Mikoto Urabe and also performs the opening and closing title songs. Quite a lot of responsiblity for such a new and young actress, yet she handles both assignments extremely well. Her acting is perfect, giving Mikoto the perfect blend of deadpan indifference coupled with an underlying gentle and caring nature–in other words, the perfect Tsundere. With regards to her singing voice, Yoshitani-san is equally awesome, making “Koi no Orchestra” and “Hōkago no Yakusoku” sound sweet yet hip. I expect great things from this actress, and it’s with that hope that she makes the cut as best Japanese Anime V/A.

Yuuka Nanri Album CoverRunner Up: Yuuka Nanri

The reason she’s in the Runner Up column is because of her role as Ritsuko Mukae in “Kids of the Slope”. While her performance was indeed pretty good [nothing really worth writing home about], it’s her performance of “My Favorite Things” in Episode 11 “Left Alone” [In English, I might add…] that earns her a mention here. It’s so sweet and adorable and it just makes you fall in love with Ritsuko all over again as she’s already so freaking cute.

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