An out of nowhere surprise return! OtakuAndrain takes a look at Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale.

RecettearFinally… I’m finally back! No friends, I did not disappear from the face of the earth, I just had to live with internet throttled to so much crap it was only about 2 times faster then dial-up (Do I have to give bonus age points to anyone who has used dial-up?). Couldn’t easily watch anime, no gaming, no hanging out with friends. But as I type this now, I’ll have real Internets tomorrow, so I figured I could waste the last of my cursed time giving you all a proper blog post. Totally the greatest part time blogger in history right? So, if I’ve not been properly watching my anime (did we start the winter season yet? I hope not), what will I talk about that will catch your interest? I think I’m going to talk about the greatest video game you’ve ever heard of! A tale of moe that gives the gamer a different, unexpected side of RPGs, serving to us all a slice of AMERICA! A slice of Freedom! For those of you who know, well I’m talking about Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale!


Basic Premise: So, you are Recette, an adorable, ultra moe young lady who has a problem. You see, we have this deadbeat Dad of hers who apparently goes out adventuring and goes missing! That leaves his poor only daughter in a bunch of debt! Then comes… THE TSUNDERE! Our fairy friend who is the Tear in our title name. Seeing the chance for profit, and not wanting to kick such pure adorableness to the curve, she decides to make the kid learn a little something about CAPITALISM! HELL YEAH AMERICA! YEAH YEAH AMERICA! What’s the capitalistic thing you can do in a world of RPGs parties and Dad’s showing up in photos for some reason resembling the intro to Dragon Quest III? YOU OPEN A FREAKING ITEM SHOP THAT’S WHAT! That's not borrowing from DQIII At all...

Availability: Brick and Mortar no, best place to find this gem and its sister games is via Steam. It is extremely affordable too and while you could pirate this masterpiece. I, as a fan of all things good SUPPORT THIS COMPLETELY! BUY IT! What’s that? You’re on Steam and you wanna play with yours truly for some idiotic reason? Fine, name’s DaOtaku! Just look for Konata. (What? It’s not like I wanna game with like minded people or anything! Leave me alone!)


Graphics: Typical overhead RPG type setting, everything is really vibrant and colorful. Duh it’s made to be moe! I like them personally, and the shop is great… well it depends on how you decide to decorate it. Careful though, little girls you can sell candy too might not like sacrificial altars… just saying.

Music: Charming and not overdone. It makes atmosphere and doesn’t really really make me think I need this music on my player. So, while it does its job it’s not perfect. Oh well, it does its job, not every game can have Persona’s soundtrack.

Gameplay: You acquire goods and sell them for more then you got it from! It’s easy! Or is it? Well some of the best stuff is in these dungeons and you’re a little girl made of moe. As we know such moe is almost no good in battle… at all. HOWEVER! You have MONEY! You can screw all the rules and hire one of the passing adventurers to take you through the dungeon where you get to pick up and keep anything of value! Then you can sell it to them later if they really want it! Ah Capitalism… Anyway you gain exp as you sell stuff too! You’ll slowly but surely become a better merchant. You see, you’re an old-fashion shop owner. You don’t sell thinks in bulk, and those potions (which I’ve yet to see one of except the antidotes that never sell. Why must everyone already know the spell Antidote…?) don’t cost a mere 50 gil. Nope! You tend to, and deal with, each customer individually taking your infinite knowledge of what should be a marked up base price for your product and try to squeeze out every little cent. If you manage to please them on the first try you’ll get a ‘just price’ bonus to your exp gain. That doubles for every one you manage to pull making your exp fly when you’re suddenly got a line of 15 people and you pull that off! Of course there are the cursed little girls who don’t bring enough money to a buy a set of Golden Scales for 18,000 and when you go down to the base price they get mad at you! Well screw you too! Don’t go out on errands without mad cash! Or those damn housewives… never satisfied without getting a deal che…


Production: This game was originally produced by a cult favorite Japaense game company called Easy Game Station and was localized by the gods of translation, Carpe Fleur. Ladies and Gents, the translation in this game was done perfectly. I know how I go on about how it’s important to get the same feeling of the original work and get it as close as possible. In this case, I make an exception for this studio. They take what’s already very moe… and DOUBLE THE MOE FACTOR JUST IN THEIR TEXT. Holy Crackers! Is that possible?! Yes! The English version of this game is a treat to read. If they ever put out another game about anything It’s just this simple!


In conclusion, If you’ve not played this game, and even the Samurai’s old computer can run it, then GO GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! In closing…


I’m OtakuAndrain, always pursuing my true self.


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