Evangelion Body Arm Pillow Lets You Sleep With Kaji or Kaworu

Evangelion L-Shaped Dream Pillows Featuring Kaworu or KajiOkay guys, step away for a few minutes, I got another product that mostly ladies are going to be interested in…however, if you are interested in getting a very belated Christmas present for your girl, you might wanna keep an ear open. Ready? Good. Hey ladies, do you like Evangelion? Ever dream of snuggling up with one of the characters? Well have I got something for you… Anime News Network reports that there is a special L-Shaped Pillow being created by a company in Japan that features either Kaworu Nagisa or double-agent Ryōji Kaji on them. More after the break.

Japanese Company Kotobukiya announced on Saturday that they will be releasing the special Evangelion “Dream Pillows” in March of 2013 for a cost of about $58 in US Currency. The pillows are double-sided, featuring either Kaji or Kaworu with an arm open allowing you to “rest in the arms of a charming man”, or in various states of sleep, letting you snuggle up into a peaceful sleep next to the object of your desire.

Oh, you’re not a fan of Evangelion, but you love some “Durarara!!” Got ya covered. Kotobukia also has Dream Pillows featuring either Shizuo Heiwajima or Izaya Orihara, also double-sided. [::rimshot::].

Now, as I said before, I’m not one to question sleeping preferences; whoever or whatever you want to sleep on is your own preference. But ladies, I might ask that you spare a thought for the man in your life. Imagine how he will feel if he comes into your room and sees you snuggled up with Kaworu Nagisa? Were it me, heck, I would feel rather inadequate…I mean, are you serious?! How am I supposed to compete with a freaking ANGEL?! And not just any angel, but the angel of FREE WILL…meaning he’s down for whatever and can DO whatever! Good grief…and don’t get me started with Kaji…I mean, let’s be real; the man has more swagger than the Old Spice Guy! So heaven only knows what kind of women-wooing power his PILLOW might have!

…okay, I’m going back to work now. Bye!

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