Announcing The Cajun Samurai Radio Network!

Yo Everyone. I got some time off and nothing to do when Youtube pops me something so freaking awesome I personally consider it a crime it only has 4000 views. Most of them I’m SURE are repeats. So that got me an idea. I like finding great stuff hidden in Youtube. I should make use of the darn Blog Youtube account and share my findings. So I’d like to welcome everyone to the Caijin Samurai Radio Network! DJ OA reporting. Here’s how we’re gonna roll this. I wanna share Anime Music. That’s a hugely broad term, and that’s ok. I don’t want simply OPs and EDs. Those are fine, but I want are remixes and re-recordings! You think some simple BGM stands out. Call me on it! Lemmie Listen! You find a live version of your favorite OP? Awesome! Let me know I wanna share it all! So let’s get started!

My first featured song is an acapella version of ‘Genesis of Love’ The first OP to Sousei no Aquarion and I believe the final ending song of Aquarion EVOL. I don’t know about that POS sequel… Whoa no negativity here! Anyway! The original was some of the finest Openings I’ve ever heard. It pops into my head ALL the time. It is a fantastic love song! Here, check the full version!

Now, I was hoping on Youtube to put on my personal music set and the suggested videos gave me a great gift. So as my first featured video in the CSR Network Here’s AKINO and bless4 in ‘Genesis of Love’

Please feel free to help contribute to this new feature! Here is a Link to the Channel!


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