A Wild “Digimon Adventure” Appears!

Found this in Best Buy. Much squealing and purchasing followed soon after. It was not pretty.


Update: After I officially registered the DVD in my collection database, [Using my Awesome DVD Profiler program as brought to us by Invelos Software] I popped it in for a quick preview and right away, I have to say, I am impressed! For those who are looking to invest in this set [Why WOULDN’T you–it’s only $12…], I have to clarify a few things:

1. This is English Dub ONLY as broadcast on TV in the US–no subtitles, Japanese Audio Track, or Japanese OP/ED.
2. This particular Collection only has the first 21 episodes, from “And So It All Begins” all the way to “Home Away From Home”. I’m not 100% certain if there will be a Volume 2 which will contain the remaining episode, but one would assume so. If you don’t want to wait, there’s a Complete Collection featuring all the episodes in one set. Best Buy, at the time of this printing, doesn’t have it, but Wal-Mart’s online shop has it ready for order.
3. There are NO extras on this disk. Absolutely none. Come on, what did you expect for $12?
4. When you play the DVD for the first time, it will IMMEDIATELY jump into the first episode. I thought it was just a well done menu animation, but it was the opening title sequence.

That out the way, I have to say, “Digimon Adventure” looks AMAZING on DVD. I don’t know if they did any kind of remastering to the source material, but it looks amazing. Granted, I’m  only about two episodes in, so I can’t say if they corrected any of the little animation issues that plagued the series in it’s initial run, but I’m extremely happy to have “Digimon” in my collection without any Fox Kids bugs or logos.

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