A Review of Soul Eater- Watch Out or I’ll Take Your Soul.

A Sound Soul, dwells in a Sound Mind and a Sound Body…

Madness, a glorious happiness born from seeing the fun that is the joke of life. Eternal amusement born from looking into a murky pit and thinking you know where the bottom is and wanting to know if you are right. It’s a wonderful feeling until the relief you’ve hit the bottom and realize you went nuts even if you were ready for it. Yare yare, sorry about this guys, I took some time to wander in that madness and now I’m quite ready to write this review. I’m Andrain and welcome to my belated review of Soul Eater.

Story Premise: Soul Eater is the story of Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, and their school life at the Death Weapon Meister Academy or Shibusen for my sanity. This academy was established by the Grim Reaper, aka Shinigami for my sanity once more in order for living weapons all over the world to be trained to become Death Scythes You know… the weapons of the Shinigami! Maka is a weapon Meister or master and Soul is her Scythe partner. The training to become a Death Scythe is intense it requires 99 corrupted souls and the soul of a witch. Well our story begins with Maka and Soul hunting that very witch so they can complete Soul’s training… This setting is crazy! It’s a lot of fun and I can’t really say anything bad about it. I mean there’s a freaking city with a school for the apprentices of the Grim Reaper in the middle of the Nevada desert! (25/25)

Availablity: Well I’m sure you can buy it… but who wants to buy it? Andrain we’re not all like you? BAKAS! Funimation has the whole thing on Youtube stream it there.

Characters: Maka Albarn- Maka is our heroine and main character. She’s a dutiful and responsible young lady who cares deeply for her friends and her partner Soul. Maka shows some real growth over the series but she has some pretty serious daddy issues… mostly because he’s loose with woman… oh well!

Soul Evans- Our hero and the namesake of this Anime. Soul is the definition of cool. Cool and Soul just go together (Though he is weak against a special sort of woman.) Soul other then being a scythe is also an excellent Pianist and while his lazy nature often gets him lectured by Maka, the two of them form a pretty winning combination based on trust.

Black Star- Black Star is… Naruto… except more cocky and more energetic… Louder too… Oh he’s a ninja too… So yeah… What you see is what you get though he has a good back-story.

Tsubaki- Black Star’s Partner, a shadow weapon meaning she can take several forms. Tsubaki is an excellent foil to Black Star. Calm, considerate, kind, serene, basically everything her meister isn’t. Tsubaki’s back-story is just as interesting as her partner’s.

Death The Kid- Shinigami’s Flesh and blood son. Kid is an intelligent and extremely competent individual with one extremely fatal flaw. His obsessive compulsive disorder for Symmetry. It’s bad… if something isn’t 100% symmetrical he just loses all of his sanity completely. Luckily he sports two twin pistols as partners.

Liz Thompson- One of Kid’s pistol. Liz is a mature somewhat cynical woman who is often annoyed by her meister’s antics. Liz is the elder sister and does take good care of the younger after being found before the series by Kid.

Patti Thompson- Patti on the other hand is a loose firecracker. The opposite of her sister she’s a fun-loving and cheerful girl who can get a little heated… at least Kid can deal with them in their weapon form.

Shinigami- Shinigami-sama is like that old dude you just like. He takes on a strange appearance considering he’s supposed to be the… Shinigami. Well Shinigami-sama is pretty approachable but if you get on his bad side be prepared for a wicked Karate Chop!

Dr. Fraken Stein- Why yes, he is a mad scientist! How did you guess? One of the instructors at Shibusen. Dr. Stein is quite close to the point of madness yet is one of the Shinigami’s most trusted agents and weapon users. Dr. Stein is also a powerful martial artist. Definitely the Father figure other then tending to want to dissect and experiment on things.

The characters man the characters! It’s hard to find a series with such a loveable cast. You might like some you might hate some and you might want to just shove Excalibur back into his rock. The characters are really truly amazing. They weave together and make their own impact to the story. Maka in particular is a favorite character despite not being voluptuous in the least. (That takes a lot of character) In any case, the characters are one reason to watch this series. (24/25) (One point is taken off for Excalibur. You just wanna punch him…)

Animation: Soul Eater is known for an extremely different style. It matches the pace and the emotions that this series wants you to feel perfectly. You want this series to look a little crazy because, it is. The style defines this series even more then the characters and is just a freaking joy to watch (12.5/12.5)

Music: This anime has awesome music. The Theme based on Soul’s High Cool factor leads well into some classical but that can give way to some smooth Jazz but really. The OPs/EDs take a nice rock approach. All of them are high powered songs the first OP in particular not only in the music but the sequence is amazing. Well the Second ED is a bit different but it’s still awesome. (12.5/12.5)

Performance and Production: … Well everything on the surface looks right! Time to dive deep to find the madness hidden in perfection. Let’s start with the good before my anger consumes everything. Maka played in the debut role of Omigawa Chiaki was… unbelievable! Omigawa-san would come back later on to play characters in some of the Samurai and I’s favorite Anime including E7: AO, Seitokai Yakindomo, and She’s Freaking Nazuna from Sketch. She has a really short career compared to most of the big names but the characters she’s played are numerous and across the board from the perfectly normal to the bat-crap insane! Laura Bailey takes over the role in the Funimation Dub and it was a good call too. They were even smart enough to keep Maka’s signature line. Good call! Next comes our man Soul… BHAHAHAHAHA No wonder the girls love him! In Japan he’s voiced by Uchiyama Koki, this guy… oh this guy… His most notable anime role is Soul, and as Orimura Ichika from Infinite Stratos which I’ll probably get to eventually. More popular then those roles however is his performance as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts… and the Heartthrob known as Jacob Black… Yeah… He’s Japan’s THAT Guy… Micah Solusod is his English voice. I can’t complain about that one either good work Funimation. Next Comes Black Star! Who do you have to turn to to get more wild and crazy then Naruto? You gotta go straight to Excel! Aka Kobayashi Yumiko. Britney Karbowski plays the loud ninja in the English version. So here’s Tsubaki, in Japan she’s played by Nazuka Kaori. Now the Samurai just jumped out of his seat because that’s everyone’s favorite Blue Haired Mom Eureka Thurston. A voice fitting Tsubaki’s Persona perfectly. Funimation gave the role of Tsubaki to Monica Rial. Let’s see moving on to Kid… we have Miyano Mamoru again… I guess he’s my favorite Male Voice actor… Anyway! Todd Haberkorn takes the Kid in Para-para. Finally the Thompson Sisters! First Liz voiced by… Watanabe Akeno… That’s a real reverse in roles… her other big role (not counting her current stint in Pokemon… but who is?) would be the legendary harem protagonist Rito Yuuki of Tu-Love-ru. Patti was done by Takahira Narumi, she’ll be remembered but… that’s all she’s done… strange? Oh well English for the ladies are Jamie Marchi and Cherami Leigh respectively. I gave all the VAs their due…

Now let’s get down to business… to defeat… the Huns! Production… Soul Eater is an ongoing Manga… a very popular one. There’s only 51 episodes of this Anime, excellent run but… the Animation made a conclusion. This conclusion has come to the point of it being number 2 on my greatest anime subjects to rant on (The Ending of Strawberry Panic being number 1 mention any of those to me and I’ll go mad.) I can’t spoil it…. or I’ll be ranting and thrown into madness forever… but I’ll say it was BAD… figure out where the anime leaps from the manga and pick up the manga DO NOT WATCH THE TERRIBLE ENDING. It is BAD! DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME or I will spoil it for the good people reading any random comments people leave me.

Really the ending by itself nearly ruins the anime for me completely. It is THAT BAD. On the other side, as a Funimation Dub this one isn’t too bad. I don’t like how they Americanized Shibusen but whatever I’ll live with it. As always watch the original but if you can’t stand it, the Funimation Dub is passing. (14/25) Really that ending REALLY REALLY ticks me off.

Let’s see I have no idea what comes next outta me… I’ll get back to you all… Until then I have to recover my Soul and recenter myself… Aria/Hidamari Sketch Marathon Here I come!

See Madness! I forgot to Total the Points! Let’s do that now shall we?

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 24/25
Characters – 25/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 12.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 14/25

Final Score – 86/100 = 86% – (B)


9 thoughts on “A Review of Soul Eater- Watch Out or I’ll Take Your Soul.

  1. I’ve not finished Soul Eater but I’ve watched the majority of it and liked it. Dr. Stein was probably one of my favorite characters because he was wickedly amusing and his interest in experimentation though appeared loco, was actually quite genius.

    1. The manga takes Dr. Stein’s story in a MUCH better direction I think. You should check it out. You’re right though, the good Doctor is a great character.

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