Breaking News: Toonami to Shuffle Schedule; “Tenchi Muyo! GXP” and “Inuyasha” Added To Lineup

Hey guys, Samurai here! Got somewhat breaking news last night regarding a change to the “Toonami” time slot. As those of you who watched last night’s “Toonami” run are probably already aware, “Casshern Sins” concluded its broadcast run. That same night, it was announced that two “new” shows will be joining the lineup and the existing shows currently running will be shuffled around to make room for the new shows and that the “Toonami” time slot will be extended by about two hours effective November 10-11. More after the break.

TOM,  the animated Master of Ceremonies for “Toonami”, made the announcement during Saturday’s run. Two “new” shows will be joining the exiting lineup to replace the now concluded “Casshern Sins”, which, along with “Deadman Wonderland”, was the first new anime to be broadcast on the resurrected “Toonami” time slot. “Tenchi Muyo! GXP”, the spinoff from the popular “Tenchi Muyo!” series will join the ranks along with “Adult Swim” veteran series “Inuyasha”, which has been all but absent from the lineup for the last couple years. In addition, the show lineup will be shuffled, pushing many existing programs down in the lineup. Here’s a look at the changes which go into effect on November 10-11 [All times are Central Standard–cause that’s how I roll…]:

11:00 PM Bleach
11:30 PM Tenchi Muyo! GXP
12:00 AM Samurai 7
12:30 AM Thundercats
01:00 AM Sym-Bionic Titan
01:30 AM Eureka 7
02:00 AM Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
02:30 AM Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
03:00 AM Cowboy Bebop
03:30 AM Cowboy Bebop
04:00 AM Inuyasha
04:30 AM Inuyasha

…THE HECK IS THIS?! I mean, really? I seriously want to spend about 30 minutes with the person who came up with this grand idea to just look them in the eye and ask “WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?!” Seriously?! Of ALL the “Tenchi Muyo!” series to pick from, and believe me, there are MANY you could’ve picked from, you decide to bring back what is arguably THE WEAKEST in the series–the one that doesn’t even feature the title character in it except for all of two or three episodes?! The one that features some of the worst ADR work in the history of anime ADR?! [I mean, seriously, how do you go from Petrea Burchard to Mona Marshall?! Not only do they sound absolutely NOTHING ALIKE, but someone forgot to tell Mona Marshall to switch her voice from “Boy Mode” to “Girl Mode”, because all I heard in the episodes she was featured in, and in summary other Ryoko appearances post-Petra Burchard was Izzy from “Digimon Adventure”.]  Maybe I can understand what they were going for: harkening back to the original “Toonami” which featured a “Tenchi” series, but you pick “GXP”?! REALLY?! That show has absolutely no substance to it whatsoever! In addition to the poor ADR work, the story itself is lackluster and unbelievable [Bad harem with spaceships is still a bad harem, no matter how many space battles you throw into the mix…], the characters are one-dimensional and just there for fanservice [Seriously, just about every single female in this show seems to wanna jump in the sack with our male lead…], the animation is average [“Just throw it into the computer and see what comes of it.” animation…] and the music is about as interesting as elevator musak. The only good thing about “GXP” being broadcast on TV is that I don’t have to spend any money buying the Complete Collection for the review!

And don’t get me STARTED with the second “new” anime. As if “Bleach” wasn’t bad enough with its triple-digit episode count, they decide to bring back “Inuyasha” of all shows to the time slot! I admit, I don’t have many problems with “Inuyasha” as a whole, save for the repetitious and predictable nature of the storyline, but I just don’t feel that adding yet another lengthy fighting anime was not the way to go. I mean, you already have three 50+ episode anime series on your lineup: “Bleach”, “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and “Eureka 7”. Why add yet another long fight show on top of that? Wouldn’t a shorter 26 episode show be more appropriate? And on top of that, “Inuyasha” is the last show in the lineup, coming on around four in the morning. Seriously? If this is going to be one of your “New” shows, then the least you could do is bump it up towards the top of the lineup around the same time as “Eureka 7” or “Samurai 7”. Save for die-hard “Inuyasha” fans, I personally don’t see many people staying up that late to watch a show that is at least 10 years old with over 50 episodes no matter how devoted they are to the “Toonami” time slot.  

Lastly, what’s with the double-broadcasts of “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, “Cowboy Bebop” and “Inuyasha”? I mean are they trying to hurry these shows to their endings so they can bring in more or something? I just don’t get it. While, indeed, the “Toonami” time slot has been extended, I have to ask, probably just like many other fans out there, if it’s really worth staying up later for just an extra episode of “FMA: Brotherhood” or “Cowboy Bebop”?

In any case, this is the lineup we’re given folks, and the only way to know how it goes down with the “Toonami” faithful is to tune in on November 10-11th and wait. Oy-Freakin’-Vey.